Is It Too Late for Lymphatic Massage 2 Years After Tummy Tuck?

2 1/2 yrs ago had tummy tuck. after recovery until now, my thighs and hips became huge and bumpy. Went back to the dr. after recovery, he said exercise more & come back if not better. exercise a lot. didnt have the $ for more surgery. just read about lymphatic massage. Is it too late for that to help?

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Lumps and bumps two years after liposuction

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If you just have some irregularities of the hips and thighs after liposuction then after two years I would not expect that any non-surgical method would be of use to correct the problem.  You may just need additional touch up liposuction.  

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Lymphatic Massage and Tummy Tuck

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Sorry to hear of your situation. Your condition is NOT typical of the vast majority of Tummy Tuck procedures. Leg swelling from lymphatic obstruction is seen only when the lymphatics are constricted or interfered with. The Tummy Tuck incision does not go low enough to the groin lymphatics to cause such pathology. You may have another disorder and may want to see a Vascular surgeon since this has lasted 2 years.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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