Ruptured implant and company that manufactured my implants (Inamed) no longer seems to exist.

I had Breast Augmentation in 2005 and last night I noticed that the right implant had ruptured. I bought the upgraded warranty at the time but I don't think the company that manufactured the implants exists anymore - Inamed. Is it possible that another company bought Inamed?

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Implant warrantee

The breast implant manufacturer Inamed was previously known as McGhan. More recently, it was acquired by Allergan, the company that now manufactures and sells the the Inamed line of saline and silicone breast implants. Allergan will honor the upgraded warrantee you purchased for your Inamed implants. Seek out a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and the office should be able to help you coordinate opening a claim for a replacement implant. Be sure that you provide the warrantee information before undergoing any revision surgery, because your surgeon will need to be send the implant back to Allergan to complete the claim.

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Inamed was taken over by Allergan (Natrelle) who usually honors Inamed warranties.  I recommend a consultation with a plastic surgeon and their staff should be able to see if your warranty is still valid.  Good luck!

Eugene Kim, MD
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Ruptured Inamed Implant.

Thank you for the question.  Inamed has switched hands a couple times and is now the company known as Allergan.  They will honor the warranty for the Inamed implants if you have a rupture.  As far as the upgraded warranty that is good for 10 years from the date of implantation. I would suggest going to a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to get the process going and to confirm the rupture.  Best of Luck.

Heather Rocheford, MD
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Inamed is now Allergan so see a PS ASAP and begin the process of getting your ruptured implants replaced

Dr Corbin

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Sorry to hear, but they can easily be replaced  Inamed has changed hands several times, but ultimately Allergan bought them. They are based in Newport Beach, CA. Mentor covers implants for 10 years. I'm not sure how Allergan should cover it. Better hurry, though, in addition to medical issues,  Valeant Pharmaceutical Co. Is attempting to buy Allergan in a hostile takeover, and who knows after that. 

Wesley G. Schooler, MD
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Ruptured Inamed Implant

Thank you for your question.  Inamed and Allergan (Natrelle Implants) joined forces several years ago. Allergan will honor any Inamed warranties.  Your Plastic Surgeon's office will be able to help you navigate this situation. Best wishes.

Steven Vath, MD
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Inamed ruptured implant 9 years post-op

Thanks for your question!  

Sorry about the rupture, but I do have good news.  Inamed and Allergan joined forces back in 2005.  Allergan will honor any existing Inamed warranties so you should be good to go.

Good luck!

Brian K. Reedy, MD
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Inamed implants are now Allergans

The original company was called McGhan and that company was purchased by Inamed.  Inamed was then bought out by Allergan the makers of Botox, Latisse, and Juvederm.  Allergan will honor deflations and warranty issues from the previous companies. 

Benjamin Chu, MD, FACS
Honolulu Plastic Surgeon
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