Are pendulous breasts the same as tuberous breasts & at what point of growth is it clear the type of breasts a woman will have?

When I went for my first breast reduction consultation I was told I have pendulum breasts. Until I found this site I had never heard of tuberous breast syndrome. My daughter is 11 and already forming large breasts for her age. At this point, they are cute and perfect, how will I know if hers will become pendulous like mine and is there anything I can do to help prevent it for her?

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Pendulous breasts are not the same as tuberous breasts.

Pendulous breasts are typically very large breast which sag.  Tuberous breasts are typically very small and constricted.  The 2 conditions are very different.

You will just have to wait to see how your child's a breast develop.  Hopefully she is not predispose to extremely large breasts.

They are different

Pendulous breasts are large drooping breasts and generally good for reduction surgery. Tuberous breast is a condition where breast tissue has herniated into the areola complex creating a deformity with a distinct elongated look.  You should encourage your daughter to exercise and remain active. 

Wesley G. Schooler, MD
Santa Barbara Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Development

You cannot change your daughter's genetic makeup. Her breast development is built in. Pendulous means droopy, not tuberous.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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Pendulous vs tuberous

Thank you for your question but unfortunately there is nothing you can do to change how your daughter's breasts might develop.  the good news is whether pendulous or tuberous there are procedures to fix them but it sounds like she is developing normally

Dr. Corbin

Frederic H. Corbin, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Pendulous Vs. Tuberous

Pendulous breasts and tuberous breasts are not the same. Pendulous is a word used to describe large, heavy, drooping or sagging breasts. Tuberous or constricted breasts are more triangular or conical in shape, with a more puffy appearance to the nipples, and usually have a larger gap between them. Tuberous breasts can be pendulous, it just means they have a higher degree of ptosis or drooping. As far as your daughter's breasts, there is no way to know for certain and there is nothing that change the way she develops. Genetics might give you a good guess at how she could develop, but there are no guarantees, only time will tell.

Craig W. Colville, MD, FACS
Toledo Plastic Surgeon
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