Will Lipo Garment Seam Creasing Cause Permanent Lines?

I am 10 days post op from thigh/knee lipo,my doctor has me in a heavy duty spanx like compression garment,for my second stage garment. The inner seam of the garment is leaving indentations and a crease from the seam. WILL THIS CAUSE PERMANENT LINES OR DAMAGE? I am wearing a small, which fits super snug, the medium was too loosel. Not sure what to do at this point and my surgeon is too busy to contact, I feel bad for already having to call the office back to change my garment size

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Liposuction garment

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Thank you for your question about your liposuction garment and the creases it is leaving.
• The crease looks like pressure on swollen skin, not permanent.
Garment pressure along zipper lines can cause scarring,
• Pad under the garment zipper with cotton or gauze,
• Cut the seam if the liposuction garment is too tight.
• Call your liposuction surgeon's office - your fee includes care after surgery. It is his/her duty to respond. Being busy is no excuse. Best wishes!

Liposuction Garment causing permanent lines

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The crease you have is from swelling after liposuction. It is unlikely to be permanent. Your garment may not fit properly or you may need some foam padding under you garment. You should never feel bad calling the office for questions or post op care.  We would rather have you call with a question then develop a problem or complication.

Seam of garment unlikely to cause permanent indentation

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It is unlikely that the seam of your garment will cause a permanent indentation of your skin following liposuction. What you can do to minimize this risk is to make sure that it doesn't compress the same exact area day after day. With some garments, if you wear it inside-out where the seams are then on the outside, you can potentially avert any problem

Steven Turkeltaub, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Permanent line caused by the liposuction garment.

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Thanks for your question.  I have never seen a seam cause a permanent crease.  I have seen a crease caused by a garment that had an awkward fold in someone's abdomen.  Based on your photos I think you will be fine.

Shaun Parson, MD
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon
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Liposuction Compression Garment Most Likely Won't Create Permanent Lines

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It is unlikely that the creases will cause permanent lines. You can shift the garment around a tiny bit to avoid creasing in the same spot all the time if you'd like. However, if you are concerned and want to get a different size or even brand, you should never worry about calling your surgeon at this time - any reputable surgeon will gladly help! They are there to help you achieve your desired results, and the recovery process is a crucial step toward obtaining your results.

Lipo garment seam causes depression in skin

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Thank you for the question and photos. Although it is unlikely that you will end up with permanent crease marks, try your garment inside out so the seam is outside. Good luck.

Liposuction Compression Garment Lines

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These lines will go away.  Ask your surgeon about a type of compression garment that has the seams on the outside, so this doesn't happen again.  Many companies offer these.  Hope this helps.

Peter J. Simon, MD
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

Compression garment creasing

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The creases aren't permanent but it sounds like the particular style of garment isn't right for you in either size. Do not worry about bothering your surgeon. Aftercare is included in the price of surgery for which you have paid.

Seams of Garment Causing Permanent Lines

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   The seams of the compression garment can be slightly moved to eradicate pressure and distribute it over different areas.  The lines of compression are not as likely to cause contour deformity as any portion of the skin that is wrinkled by the compression garment.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Post lipo garment causing indentation on skin

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Thanks for the photos. First, you still has edema and swelling from your liposuction. The indentation is temporary. There are ways to minimize the creasing from your garment such as using foam padding or find another brand of garment for a better fit. Your surgeon should be able to help you with this. You should not feel bad about calling your surgeon's office regarding this. Your postop care is just as important as your surgery. At end of the day, both your surgeon and you want the best result possible.

Best Wishes,



Stewart Wang, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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