What kind of revision for my breast lift should I undergo, and when is the earliest I can do it? (Photo)

I had a vertical mastopexy 6 mo. ago. I now realize it was unnecessary, but was told I needed it to make my areolas smaller. My areolas are back to their original size (2 in.) and I am extremely depressed. I want an areola reduction (permanent sutures) and scar revision, but am terrified the scarring will look even worse. I did NOT want implants but am now considering them if they will make my breasts look better. Should I get implants/scar revision/an areola reduction/or leave it all alone?

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Breast lift revision

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Sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the results of your breast lift surgery.  Its reasonable to consider revision surgery after 6 months.  Your surgical options will depend on the final result you wish to achieve.  Implants alone will simply add volume to your breasts if thats what your desire.  Its reasonable to consider an areola reduction and scar revision with a view to making your vertical scars more aesthetically pleasing.  It will be essential to discuss your options with a fully qualified plastic surgeon with experience in revision surgery.

What kind of revision for my breast lift should I undergo, and when is the earliest I can do it?

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You could add implants if you would like.   You could have the revision at 6 months.  You need to be aware to some patients will have issues with scarring no matter what is done.  I would search for the board certified plastic surgeon who you feel is most likely to give you the best results and who performs hundreds of these procedures each year. I would look at patient reviews as well as before and after photos on that surgeon's website.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Unhappy Breast Lift Result

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I am sorry that you are not happy with your result after a 'circum-vertical' breast lift or mastopexy.  Looking at your post-operative result I felt that your shape was nice, but you had significant scar spread.  I was surprised to see your pre-operative photo and how little had changed due to the surgery. 

Well, the addition of implants would certainly make your breast shape more appealing, and add more lift as well. The real issue is ensuring that your scars heal much better a second time around.  A permanent suture placed around the areola to ensure size and lift should be part of that mastopexy. This 'round block/circumareolar/purse string' suture is usually a large caliber permanent suture designed to maintain size and shape of the areola. When done as part of a vertical lift, there should be even less expansive forces to widen the areola. Why you also had a significant spreading of your vertical scar seems odd to me, as well. In general, revision would not put you at risk of your scars being worse; our main concern is making them better. 

Post operative taping for a prolonged period, usually three months, has been part of my regimen for anyone that has long scars, and evidence shows that this support helps with scar appearance and minimizes scar spread. As part of an effort to get maximum improvement, I would recommend long term taping. As an aside, your residual areolar pigment would be removed as part of the revision surgery.

Best of luck!

Poor scarring post mastopexy

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Hello Stacyg08-

I agree that your breasts do not appear to have changed much in contour/shape from your preop photos, but now you have scars that are more visible. If you would like an augmentation, by all means consider doing it for those reasons, but it is not necessary in order to improve the scars. If you do undergo a breast augmentation, don't go too large as these scars (and skin) will need to be excised. 

Your scars will improve over time (1-2 years), but if the brown area beneath your current areola is residual from before surgery, then that will not fade and you may want to consider revision for that reason.

Good luck to you. 

Scar and breast revision

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Thanks for your question and pictures. I am sorry you are not happy with your results and looking for a revision.  My suggestion for the scar is to try and wait 1 year from your surgery to allow them to fully mature and then see if something still needs to be done.  The question of implants is different. Its obviously best to be evaluated in person but based on your pictures, the implants would give you a fuller appearance in the upper pole/part of your breasts.  If that is something you desire, then its the best option you have.  Good luck.

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