What is the difference between UltraShape and UltraShape Power?

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Faster, Better, Smaller!

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The upgraded device, other than being a smaller version of the original, allows for faster, more efficient treatments.  The recommendation is still 3 treatments 2 weeks apart.  Most notice results at the 2 week mark.  I've had patients lose anywhere from 1 to 5 inches with 3 treatments!

Ultrashape Power is an upgraded version

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The newer version looks sleeker, and is meant to deliver higher ultrasound energy, and is faster too.

UltraShape® Power is more effective than the original UltraShape® system.

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UltraShape® uses ultrasound energy to target fat cells just below the skin, causing them to rupture and ultimately eliminating them from the body. UltraShape® Power is the latest UltraShape® release, featuring 20 percent more ultrasonic energy than the original, making for more effective fat removal. This relatively new nonsurgical body contouring option allows men and women to slim down their figures without surgery.

Ultrashape vs UltraShape Power

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Ultrashape Power was released this past fall of 2016.as an upgrade in technology 10% more effective at fact destruction, faster to operate and shorter treatment times for patients. All in all more comfortable for patients because of the smaller ultrasound hadpiece.  The machine is smaller & easier to operate with its computer software up grades. it also has the capability of increased fat rediction but those incremental changes wont be made until the FDA gives that approval. At this point it is the industry leader in fat destruction, 32%. 

Jonathan L. Sack, MD
Hilton Head Island Family Physician
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UltraShape Power Is Faster and Better

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UltraShape Power is the latest version of UltraShape. It still uses pulses of ultrasound energy to melt away troublesome fat. But it works more quickly – each session is only 15 to 45 minutes each – and delivers better results. We usually recommend at least three sessions, spaced two to three weeks apart. Most patients can lose at least 1.5 inches of fat from their waist, though some lose as much as three inches. You will need to adhere to a healthy diet and exercise regimen to keep your good results. Please consult a board-certified dermatologist to find out if you are a candidate for UltraShape Power.

Efficiency and POWER

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Both products work extremely well.  However, with the newer Power treatment the treatment time is reduced significantly and the outcome is better.  We achieve as much as a 32% fat reduction after three treatments which is more than any other competing product.

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