How Long Do I Have to Wait After Restylan to Do Skintyte?

I recently had Restylan in the nasolabial folds and want to have skintyte done on my face and neck. Do I need to wait a certain amount of time before having the skintyte done? Also, how long do I need to wait between Restylan injections?

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One week

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One week after filler would be ok. You could complete course of skin type and would be able to get another syringe of filler as desired.

Long Island Dermatologic Surgeon
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Restylane and Skin Tyte are generally done a few days apart

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It is generally my preference to do the Skin Tyte Laser a few days to a week after injections.  I think it gives time for the injections to "settle in" and the skin to best tolerate the heat of the laser.  Your skin may be abraded from the injections and giving it several days to a week to rest will make you more comfortable for the next procedure.

Restylane and Skintyte

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Although  the litterature does not recommend any time delay between  the injection of a filler  and a skin tightening procedure, there are theoretical concerns that said filler may be diffused (scattered) by the procedure. This, however has never been demoinstrated.

AS Dr Altman has pointed out, it is better to do the skin tightening before injecting the filler.This way you may find out that you  mayneed less filler than anticipated  and you avoid the theoretical concern of scattering the filler at the time of the tightening.

Restylane is supposed to last 6 months, but this may vary from one person to another and from one area of the face to another. For example, in the tear trough, under the eye, where there is less muscle movement it may last 1 year, while in the melolabialfold where there is much muscle movement it may last 6 months or less.

Make sure that you are being treated by an experienced, Board Certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon.

Eugene Mandrea, MD
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How long to wait between Restylane and skin tightening

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Normally I prefer to have the skin tightening done first, then follow it with dermal fillers two weeks afterwards.  First, the skin tightening procedure may lessen the amount of filler that you need by decreasing the size of the folds.

Second, there is no clearcut time defined in the medical literature that should be allowed between fillers and skin tightening.

For the most part, the articles say that skin tightening does not have any effect on the dermal fillers, however, one article does report that, although there were no gross changes in the fillers after skin tightening, there was some increase in the microscopic inflammation around the dermal filler substance.  All the articles state, however, that additional studies are needed to determine the effects of skin tightening modalities on previously injected dermal fillers.

Since you already have had the Restylane injection, I would recommend waiting at least six weeks before Skin Tyte. As per our European colleagues, they see resorption of the hyaluronic acid fillers after near infrared skin tightening such as SkinTyte. As for the time between Restylane injections, it depends on how quickly your body resorbs it.  Most of the time, Restylane lasts between 6 months and a year.  I recommend doing additional injections before the previous filler is completely gone.  You will need less filler in that case, plus you get to maintain the look you like.

Emily Altman, MD
Short Hills Dermatologic Surgeon

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