How Long Should I Wait After Giving Birth to Get Lipo and Butt Augmentation by Fat Transfer?

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How long should you wait after giving birth before getting the Brazilian Butt Lift?

I usually recommend that patients wait at least 6 months after delivering their baby to have body contouring surgery.  This usually gives women enough time to lose any excess weight they gained during pregnancy. If they are still losing weight at 6 months, I recommend that they keep losing until they are at their goal weight.  Sometimes I recommend stopping short of your "ideal" body weight as many women don't have enough residual fat at their Ideal body weight to obtain the results they are seeking via the Brazilian Butt Lift.   I always recommend that you finish breast feeding prior to undergoing surgery as well. 
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Surgery After Giving Birth

Although guidelines vary from surgeon to surgeon, I usually recommend that patients wait about 6 months after they have finished breast feeding before consulting for surgery. Depending on the patient, it may be up to one year after birth before the individual is able to move forward with a cosmetic procedure. As with any surgery, it is important that your body is fully healed from any previous trauma before moving forward.

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