How Long Should I Wait Between Lipo Procedures?

Had 4000ccs removed from abdomen five days ago. how long do i have to wait for back, flanks, and bra roll?


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How Long to Wait Between Liposuction Procedures

Thank you for your question. As a general rule, I recommend that my patients wait 3-6 months between liposuction procedures. This way you have the opportunity to do a limited enhancement of the first areas treated if necessary. In addition, you will have fully recovered from the first surgery. Otherwise, most surgeons would say at least 6 weeks between surgeries. Good luck. 

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Wait time between liposuction procedures

I recommend a 3 week wait to allow the body to heal from the original surgery. Healing after liposuction surgery taxes your bodies coagulation system since many tiny blood vessels need to be sealed after the fat is removed. In addition, the fat that is damaged but not removed is resorbed by the body’s natural healing mechanisms. The entire healing process takes 3-6 months, but the majority occurs within the first 3 weeks. The longer you wait (up to 6 months) the better.

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How Long to Wait Between Lipo Procedures

I would recommend waiting around 3 months to allow your body to heal from the first procedure.  Most people have swelling for around 6-8 weeks after liposuction.  The skin will begin to tighten around 1 month to 3 months.  If you wait around 3 months, then you would be able to see good results on your abdomen.  If you needed anything further done on your abs, then you could do it when you do your back, flanks and bra roll...Good Luck!

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Time between suctions

6 to 12 weeks is reasonable.

You could get a blood count and if it is normal and you are treating different areas you could do it sooner.

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Recovery before more liposuction

You should wait at least 6-12 weeks: this will give you a chance to see your final results and to determine if, when you have other areas treated, you need any "touch-up" on the original areas.

As a rule, once you are not tender any more, you can stop wearing your compressive garment.  Six to twelve weeks is required for scar tissue to begin to mature so that if you do need a touch up the tissues are ready.

Daniel Greenwald, MD
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