How Long Until I See Pubic Liposuction Results

hi.. i am 2 weeks post op from having liposuction the mons pubis(200 cc) and abdomen and flanks (700 cc) combined. the first week i saw results in abdomen and flanks. now i am seeing nothing but swelling and feeling hard spots in areas. pubic area is somewhat swollen. not much of a difference except the countour of it. how long will it take to for this to go down? is hard area actually swelling?

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Swelling of liposuction of the mons pubis

liposuction of the abdomen causes swelling that settles by gravity in the pubic area. It takes longer for this swelling to go away than that of the abdomen.  When liposuction of the suprapubic area is done, especially when done with liposuction of the abdomen, the swelling is compounded in the pubic area for many weeks.

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Liposuction - Mons pubis; Recovery; Swelling

Hi lipogirl77 in inland empire ca,

It takes a LONG time for the swelling in this region to subside - much longer than for the rest of the body.  I generally tell my patients that they'll see 85% of the result in 4-6 weeks, 90% at 3 months, and at least 6 months for the entire result.  It's probably twice as long for the mons.

There are many reasons for this but is basically comes down to the anatomy:  when compared with other areas, the mons is unusually vascular, it's relatively low down (ie, gravity doesn't help much with the swelling) and there can be more fibrous tissue than other regions (which actually limits the final result).  It's a great area to do, and I routinely suggest adding it to lipos of the abdomen and tummy tucks (where appropriate, of course!) but the recovery is more prolonged than with other areas.  And I'm more likely to use a drain to facilitate that recovery.

That being said, it's an area that is probably not contoured as often as would be beneficial, so it's good that you had it done.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E

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Pubic Lipo Swelling

It is very normal to have swelling after liposuction and some areas take longer to heal than others. The edema of the pubic area is one example. Usually you will see a noticeable improvement after one month but it may take two to three months for the majority of swelling to resolve and the areas of hardness to go away. Massage of these areas is very helpful. do not be alarmed and give it a little time.

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Liposuction of mons pubis

The pubic area is notorious for prolonged swelling.   It's hard to conpress and/or elevate the pubic area hence the prolonged swelling.  I give this area at least three months prior to assessing the result of liposuction.  I sometimes use a small closed suction drain for a few days in this area and always encourage my patients to keep the area iced as much as possible for the first 48 hours.  I think that helps reduce the swelling.

Don't despair.  Follow your doctor's orders and be patient. 

Seattle Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder

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Liposuction results

2 weeks post op is incredibly early.  The pubic area, by gravity, may get more swelling then other areas.  I tell my patients that, although they may see reduction in size as the swelling resolves over the first few weeks, it will take 6 or more months to see their final results.  Firmness can mean swelling, and certainly liposuctioned areas can get firm and lumpy and eventually resolve over time, but sometimes excessive firmness can mean some underlying blood collection, although again this may resolve but will take longer.

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A month or two usually.



Lipo in the pubic area usually swells pretty prominently for a while. It will take a month or two for things to settle down so you can see how it will eventually look.


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Liposuction and swelling

Swelling after liposuction can take several weeks to resolve.  This is especially true with the mons.  I tell patients that it is almost like the bottom of the foot- there is no where for that swelling to go. I have seen that swelling take twice as long to resolve.  Make sure you are supporting the mons during this stage.  The good news is that swelling does go away!

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Results after pubic liposuction

During the procedure we are able to see the result of pubic liposuction and contouring right away, though especially when combined with liposuction of the abdomen the swelling and fluid will move to your bottom which is the most dependent area. Also compression garments will often have an opening in the crotch and encourage the swelling in the pubic area. If your garment does not support your bottom, be sure to wear a snug under pant under the garment, and be prepared to wait out the swelling in this 'dependent' or lower area.

Best of luck,


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Still swollen - 2 weeks after liposuction

At this point, your post-op swelling is still resolving, so it's too early to tell about the contouring.

Hang in takes about 4 weeks for the swelling to settle down, and about 4-6 months for the skin to contract and re-drape, before you see more definitive results.


All the best,

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