How Long Does It Take to See Results from Madonna Lift?

I had 'the madonna lift' 2 weeks ago and was just wondering when I would start to see noticeable results as at the moment I see no improvement? How long does it take for new collagen to grow? I still have slight redness which makes my dark circles look worse, will this improve?

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Fractional results take up to 6 months

When you go for a factional laser treatment, your doctor or technician should let you know what you can expect in terms both the treatment and the post-treatment downtime and results. The full effect of the fractional treatment occurs three to four months after your treatment, up to six months in some cases. The full effect of the collagen simulation is visible at this point. For the ‘Madonna Lift’ ,which is essentially, three less invasive factional treatments, you will see the results in this timeline from your last treatment.

The redness will dissipate as you heal, if you do not see a big enough change; schedule a consultation to see what options you have. IPL could be a great option for you.

At the Victoria Park Medispa, we take off the doctor consultation fee from any appointment booked and offer complimentary consultations with our technicians, therefore reducing a client’s risk of having a treatment performed without taking the time to think about what they really want. Any esthetic tool needs to be in the right hands, to achieve the best possible results.

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How Long Does It Take to See Results from Madonna Lift?

This is a fractional CO2 laser that most every machine can do — be careful of gimmicks and names — go to a provider that understands lasers, interactions between lasers and skin, and will know what to do to make you look great — and take care of things if something goes wrong.

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