How Long Do Incisional Double Eyelid Surgeries Last?

I've recently gotten an incisional double eyelid surgery. I'm satisfied with the results but I'm worried that they'll become "undone" (they've swelled down a lot from the last day). So my question it possible for the surgery to become undone?

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In most cases, the results obtained from incisional surgery are permanent. That is the main benefit of this surgery over the less aggressive double eyelid surgery.

Be patient and allow your eyelids to heal.

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How long do incisional double eyelid sugeries last?

In incisional double eyelid surgery, several permanent sutures are placed to create the crease and these sutures remain below the skin. In a small percentage of the population, the suture can be rejected and extruded. However, for most patients, the crease is maintained after incisional surgery. With time, as a patient ages and there are changes in the eyelid skin and brow position, the actual crease may be less apparent. Additional surgery may be necessary at that time.

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Incisional double eyelid surgery can last forever

ideally, this kind of surgery will not become undone.  after the internal sutures are placed, scar tissue forms that makes the result permanent.  even then, the double fold can be lost in some instances.


as people get older, the eyelid skin becomes looser and can cover the eyelid skin under the double fold, resulting in what appears to be a loss of the fold.


bottom line, is that you shouldn't worry and that most people have a stable, lasting fold. as long as you are careful with your eyes and don't rub them too much, you should be ok.


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