How Long Will It Take to Get Back Pain Relief from Breast Reduction?

I had breast reduction 2 weeks ago for shoulder, neck and back pain. I went from a 36dd to a 36 c. I had immediate pain relief right away. My pain level was cut in half!! I was thrilled. But yesterday, 10 days later it came back full force. My pain level is back up to 6-7. I hope this wasn't for nothing. How come it came back? Does my back just need time to heal? I just don't understand why I would get such immediate relief and then it would come back. I'm not doing anything to aggravate it.

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Back Pain relief after Breast Reduction

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Most patient describe exactly what you experienced after surgery - immediate relief.  However over the next several weeks you may have an adjustment period when all the muscles are rebalancing and adjusting to the new dynamics of your anatomy.  This may be what you are experiencing.  You should continue to greatly improve to the feeling you felt immediately after surgery with great relief of your pain.  


Good Luck.

Back pain and breast reduction

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Usually a breast reduction will help with back and neck pain as the additional weight is removed during the surgery.  AS for your specific pain it is hard to say, but if it felt better after surgery, then perhaps this was due to positional issues or strain?

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Back Pain After Breast Reduction

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Back and neck pain usually disappears within the first week after breast reduction surgery.  The return of the pain is usually cause by:

1. Muscle spasms caused by stress or other factors not associated by the size of your breasts.

2. Degenerative joint disease which may coexist with large sized breasts. If that is the case, that needs to be diagnosed and treated accordingly.


Good luck.


David Evdokimow, MD
Morristown Plastic Surgeon

Back pain after breast reduction

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My patients report literally immediate relief of back pain. However, if you have an underlying back problem, such as a slipped disc or spinal stenosis, then the breast reduction removes one contributing factor but not the underlying back problem. You should continue to followup with your plastic surgeon and also to see an orthopedist or neurologist if necessary.

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