How Long Does It Take for Alloderm to Completely Integrate into the Body?

I had a third breast revision surgery for capsular contracture and implant buckling (my prior surgeon put an implant 1 cm wider than my breast tissue). My current surgeon lined my lower breast with Alloderm due to extremely thin breast tissue. How long does it take for the Alloderm to integrate into my body. Also, will this affect the quadrant exercises I am supposed to do to prevent CC?

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Alloderm integrates within a few weeks

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Alloderm becomes partially integrated as living tissue with a few weeks in most cases but it can be up to a few months before the process is complete. My personal opinion re the exercises is to be very careful early on or you may dislodge the alloderm before it is incorporated, and I haven't seen any convincing evidence the the exercises make a difference in preventing capsular contracture anyway. You should however go with your own surgeon's advice and not subsitute online opinions.

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AlloDerm and breast surgery

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In my experience I have seen AlloDerm incorporated as early as 3 months after placement.  Implant exercises should not delay or impede the incorporation of the AlloDerm.

Dr. ES

Capsular contracture and ADM's (Acellular Dermal Matrices - Alloderm, Strattice)

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Capsular contracture revisions are notoriously apt to fail with a 50% recurrence rate seen with capsulectomy and worse with capsulotomy (placing releasing cuts in the capsule). The incorporation of acellular dermal matrices ADM's - like Alloderm and Strattice into the repair has dramatically lowered the rate of recurrence in such revisions. Although the rate of incorporation and tissue ingrowth into these materials vary, it is largely underway or complete by 6-8 months. Good Luck. Dr. Peter A. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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First, I would not do any exercises unless approved by your surgeon. Alloderm will generally show signs of incorporation over a six month period.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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How Long Does It Take for Alloderm to Completely Integrate into the Body?

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Acellular dermal matrix integrates ( becomes part of) the patient's surrounding tissues; this process probably takes about 3 to 6 months to occur. For example, when we are operating on patients who have had acellular dermal matrix used in the past, it is commonplace to see the previously used matrix integrated and still present. Hope this, and the attached link, helps.

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