How Long After Liposuction Am I at Risk for Pulmonary Edema or Embolism?

I am a very healthy 30 year old female. Six days ago, I had liposuction of the calves and ankles. I have been moving around a lot at work. When at home, I rest but still walk around regularly. In the last couple of days, I have had some very mild upper back pain and upper chest discomfort. It feels better when I lie down flat but while standing it bothers me. I not having trouble breathing and haven't been coughing but the discomfort is making me nervous. Am I at risk still for blood clots?

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Liposuction and blood clots

If there's any question of a clot you should go get checked. It is possible to develop a clot at any time this could be one of the time of surgery, a clot can occur after surgery, and the clock can occur without surgery.

So if you're having any symptoms of chest pain or shortness of breath status to get checked. An unnecessary trip to the emergency room is an inconvenience but the lack of the trip to the emergency room can be a disaster.

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How Long After Liposuction Am I at Risk for Pulmonary Edema or Embolism?

At 6 days with average activity you should be fine. But if you want a 100% OK than obtain a VQ scan of your lungs and lower extremities. Could be quite expensive. 

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Pulmonary Embolism Risk?

Thank you for the question.

At  6 days out of surgery you are still at risk for pulmonary complications. With new onset “upper chest discomfort” it would behoove you to be seen by a physician for evaluation.   Unfortunately, although rare, pulmonary complications can be potentially life-threatening  and need to be ruled out.

Best wishes.

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Each day post op the risk of clots will be less.

If you have concerns, talk to the doctor who did your procedure for advice and direction for you postoperative care. 

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