Should I Get Lower Leg Lipo?

On June 15th I am scheduled for a Full Tummy tuck, flank, inner thigh and knee lipo. I still will never wear shorts due to my large lower legs. Am i a good canidate for lower leg Lipo? Im really only interested in the part directly below my knee. what is this called, and will it make my legs look strange?

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Avoid too many plastic surgical procedures at the same time

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You may be a good candidate for the upper part of your lower leg liposuction, but with all the procedures you have discussed including a tummy tuck, you should break up the procedures into different appointments as complications increase wtih the length of surgery and the numbers of procedures. Discuss this wtih your plastic surgeon.

Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Calf and Ankle Liposuction Can Help Reshape The Lower Leg

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Calf and ankle liposuction can be very gratifying and make a big difference in the shape (not the size) of the lower leg between the knees and the ankles. By selecting removing small fatty areas and making curves in the favorable silhouette areas of the inner knee, upper and lower calfs and ankles, the shape of the lower legs from the front can be made more pleasing. This is done with small cannulas. The biggest issue lower leg liposuction (liposculpture really) is that there will be prolonged swelling due to the gravity and the high venous pressures in the lower leg. It will take several months to really appreciate the final result.

Liposuction of the calves and knees

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Liposuction of the calves and the knees can be done with smaller, more delicate cannulae which remove the fat in a less aggressive manner than standard liposuction cannulae.  Since your current surgery planned includes full body liposuction and a tummy tuck, it would be safer and more precise to delay the lower body liposuction of your calves and knees after this initial surgery.  A delay would more precisely define the planned shape of your calves as it relates to the smaller thigh volume after liposuction of the inner and outer thighs.  Proportion is always important.  This is an example not doing too much surgery at one time for safer, better results.

Elizabeth S. Harris, MD
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

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Calves and ankles do great with micro cannula liposculpture.

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Your calves and ankles would do great with the small micro canula liposculpturing procedure.  Women love having their calves and ankles sculpted but do expect to wear heavy support hose like you would for sclerotherapy for about 6 weeks.  Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

David Hansen, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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Liposuction - Can I Have My Lower Legs Done at the Same Time as a Tummy Tuck?

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HI SarahBug,

It looks like you are a good candidate for lipo of the lower legs BUT:

1)  It's too much to do all at once.  You should consider staging the procedure(s) you're interested in into at least two procedures, and possibly even three, depending on how they go and how you heal. 

2)  It takes even longer for the swelling to go down after lipo of the calves and lower legs than for other parts of the body.  That's partly because gravity pulls the fluid (the swelling) down whereas it would normally clear by moving up; ie, the swelling has to clear completely against gravity.  So it takes even longer.  I usually tell my patients that it takes 4-6 weeks to see 80-85% of the result, 3 months for 95% and 6 months for all of it.  It's probably almost twice as long as that for the lower legs.

But it's well worth it, as you can achieve some dramatic changes with this procedure.

You should, of course, discuss all of this with your own plastic surgeon.  Only someone who can examine you in person can truly advise you for something like this, where the amount and distribution of the fat, as well as the elasticity of your skin, have to be taken into account when planning your surgery.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E

Should I Get Lower Leg Lipo?

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Yes you are a candidate, but you are already having to much lipo with a full TT. I would recommend waiting and having a secondary operation. 

Lower Leg Lipo

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You are a good candidate, based on your pictures, for all the procedures that you listed - assuming you are a healthy patient.  However, I would suggest staging the procedures.  Start with your belly since that will be a dramatic improvement and then consider the leg liposuction.


Good Luck.

You can get calf/knee lipo

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The area you refer to, can be treated with liposuction. The areas includes calf and knee. The pictures can not replace personal examination.I would recommend at least two consultations with board certified plastic surgeons.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
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Liposuction of the calves and ankles works very well.

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1)  Your ankles are pretty good, but your calves are large, and one side is considerably bigger than the other.  Just going by your photos, I would say that you are a very good candidate for liposuction of your lower legs.  The outer legs need to be reduced and the inner calves can be made more shapely.

2)  This is the one area of liposuction that is not much talked about, so there are not a lot of plastic surgeons with experience.  But there are many women who can benefit by it.

3)  The technique is very important.  You have to use tiny liposuction cannulas, and stay superficial.  And it is also very important to use support stockings for six weeks after surgery.

4)  I will say flat out that these are among our most grateful patients. Women are so happy when they can show off their legs for the first time.


George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

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