Molding and Massaging Radiesse

How Long After Injection of Radiesse Can You Still Mold It? Ie. Pressing Down if There is Too Much on Bridge of Nose 

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How Long Can I Mold Radiesse For?

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Hi Sydney.  We suggest to our patients that if they feel the need to massage or mold the Radiesse that they do this within 24 hours after the initial injection.  

Swelling can interfere with the appearance of the product for a week after injection, so usually if we are going to massage or manipulate the Radiesse, it is done immediately after the initial injection to avoid confusion with swelling.

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Massaging Radiesse can be done the day after

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I am not aware of a study investigating how long after Radiesse it can still be massaged and manipulated, but I do know that it can be massaged out in the first day after treatment.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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