Transaxillary breast augmentation UK based surgeons ?! Recommendments / advice?

after a lot of researching breast augmentations I came across the transaxillary method it seems quite rare??? Does anyone know any UK based surgeons that they would recommend to do this procedure / any pictures with these incisions ?? Would help a lot in just quite worried as it seems rare that it needs to be the right PS.

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Tranaxillary incision

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The transaxillary incision is not used as much anymore. It became popular in the early to mid 1990s when saline implants could be inserted via a 1cm incision in the armpit then inflated after insertion as well as during a vogue for endoscopic insertion of silicon implants via the axilla which has also become less popular - down the track if you need implants adjusted or replace you usually cannot do that through the armpit and an additional incision under the crease is needed so most surgeons feel it is better to use the crease incision in the first instance and use the same incision again years later if more work is needed

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