Post quick face/neck lift 13 weeks. Problems

13 weeks post face and neck lift. Quick lift performed under sedation and local. Smas very tight but skin of my neck very loose. Red line right round from one ear to the other. Under chin skin sagging. Loose skin flap running along bottom of my jaws. One side not as bad as the other. Surgeon has said the skin is loose and IF he could revise safely in 9 months he will. I have been injected twice with Botox for muscles sticking out of my neck. Ear to ear lift. Opinions pls. Thank you.

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Not more of the same

First, I agree with the need to let everything heal before jumping into a revision. You should wait at least 6 months after surgery. If these results persist, make sure the revision isn't just tightening the skin more in the same direction and fashion. Some of the lines in the neck can be helped by changing the vector pull to be more horizontal and back rather than up. It looks like the central sagging might benefit from platysmaplasty. The left neck band might be helped by addressing the muscle in the area. I would also recommend elevating the entire neck skin from ear to ear.  It would not be a small revision of lifting up and trimming a little skin. 
If everything resolves in 6 months, then less would be required. Good luck!

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