Ethibond Suture Removal Due to Allergy, Persistent Pain and Swelling?

I had a Quicklift on 3-28-12 and neck liposuction. I had abnormal pain and swelling with a diagnosis of Ethibond suture allergy. He removed them at 12 weeks, stated my tissue was very friable, the space not closed, and inserted dissolvable sutures. At 4 weeks out, I still have spongey raised skin size of prune at base of both ears down from the size of egg, it gets better with compression from my face garment and ice for only few minutes, worse with any activity and still have burning pain.

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Ethibond Suture Removal Due to Allergy, Persistent Pain and Swelling?

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I have been using Ethibond sutures for 14 years and have never seen or heard of an allergic reaction to them.  Ethibond is a braided suture and it can have a higher incidence of infection than a non-braided suture.  The correct treatment for either is removing the stitches and antibiotics if it's an infection.  The spongy area sounds like swelling since it goes away with compression.

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Persistent Pain, Swelling following Facelift or Mini Lift

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  1. Although possible it is extremely uncommon to have a suture allergy to nylon, Prolene or Ethibond in my experience.  More likely you are describing a low grade infection due to a suture abscess. The description appears to be what is call induration. I would follow your surgeon's advice and if concerned seek a second opinion. A combination of antibiotics  or antifungals depending on what cultures show from any drainage and steroids can sometimes be helpful but again needs to be directed by someone knowledgeable. Resolution because of the dependent area may take some time.

Problems After Quick Lift, LiteLift™, Lifestyle lift , S Lift

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Problems After Quick Lift, LiteLift™, Lifestyle lift , S Lift -
Suture allergies are rare.
Removing them would have helped.
This may be prolonged swelling which will just require time.
Ashort course of steroid such as medrol or anti inflammatory including claritin and benedryl may help.

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
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Ethibond suture allergy after facelift

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Ethibond suture is made of braided dacron, and we are unaware of any cases of allergy to dacron. The braided material can cause persistent infections or a sinus which will clear after the material is removed. The dacron will not dissolve on its own. Stay in touch with your surgeon.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Complication after mini neck lift

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Mini-neck lift is a commonly performed procedure with satisfactory results. its very popular due to its shorter recovery time. allergy to sutures is rather uncommon but can happen. if youre experiencing persistent swelling months after the procedure its about time u go see the doctor who did the procedure for you. and follow their instructions


Misbah Khan MD, FAAD, FACMS
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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