Second Liposuction Treatment on Same Area?

How long should I wait before I can get another Liposuction on the same area to fix it? I read that some people see results after just 2 or three weeks. Idon't think that my surgeon took enough or any fat of my lower abs. I did have a seroma last week and my surgeon removed some of it, but I still see no difference.

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Wait at least 4 months before you have revision liposuction.

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1) What I would do right away for someone with your story in our Manhattan practice, is get a sonogram of your abdomen. That way you can tell if there other seromas that need to be aspirated. A seroma that is not removed becomes a permanent lump.

2) If there are no seromas, then I would send you for lymphatic drainage massage, which can really improve smoothness and contour.

3) You will know the final result in 4 months. By that time, the swelling is gone, and all the fat atrophy has taken place. After 4 months, you can have a revision if you don't like the result. As with all cosmetic surgery, good technique is everything.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Repeat liposuction in same area

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I always advise patients that the final result may not be ascertainable for several months so don't rush into a second surgery. A revision to correct asymmetry or remove additional fat can always be undertaken. if liposuction of an adjacent area is needed, there would be an additional fee but corrections brought to my attention shortly after surgery are included in the original fee as followup care.

Wait at least 3-6 months before second Liposuction on same area

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A seroma with liposuction is unusual and may affect your outcome. If more liposuction will be helpful (and this is not always,) I would wait 3-6 months. What does your doctor say?

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

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