Will Additional Liposuction Ruin Already Poor Thigh Lift Results?

I am 16 days post op from what was supposed to have been full body lipo with massive debulking of my thighs and inner thigh lift with short scar. I am very upset with the outcome of my surgery.

I was told it would be a 6+ hour surgery. It wound up only being three hours and with only light liposuction to portions of my leg. My Dr has said it was not the optimum result and has now scheduled me for revision liposuction for this Friday for which he is going to lipo thighs and knees again.

He claims this is not going to affect the thigh lift; however, how is that possible? Wont liposuctioning the rear of my thighs (which are horrible and need it) and re liposuctioning the front and inner thigh to get more out actually worsen or mess up the thigh lift and require fixing of that as well?Wont it just become more loose with the loss of more fat?

I can still grab a large handful of fat on each of the front of my thighs and there is still massive dimpling of my legs with marked excess skin still remaining in the inner thigh. I can still pull up skin in my inner thigh and cant understand why they werent pulled tighter. It honestly doesn’t look like I have had a thigh lift. For $11,000 it appear to be a waste of money. Sorry for all of the questions, I am just really in need of help and advice.

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Unacceptable Outcome After Lipo and Thigh Lift

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I would love to say I've never heard of this before. But the more I answer questions for RealSelf.com the more I realize how many hack surgeons there are. I'm not sure if they get in over their heads or just don't care but clearly you need to steer clear of this surgeon.

Every surgery must be planned once the decision to have surgery is made. I literally rehearse, in my head, every patent's surgery several times, even taking into account possible deviations. So my guess is you surgeon didn't understand the nature of the surgery.

With all that bashing aside let's address the issues. First, wear your garment as much as possible. Next, no revision surgery should be done for at least 6 months. Finally, visit another surgeon or three and determine the best course of action. Make sure they are Board Certified Plastic Surgeons.

Redo Body Lipo and Lifts

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WAIT, you are only 16 days post op, you are still swallen and that will interfer with proper judgement on how much to take and do.

You need to wait till all the swelling and healing is finished then reassess.

You need a BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON with experience to reevaluate your results. If the first Dr. could not deliver the first time in all aspects then how is he going to deliver the second time.

The more procedure the more difficult the repair is going to be

Pictures will help.

Delay your surgery date

Take another opinion

Reevaluate your first surgeon

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Early results of lipo and thigh lift

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I'm sorry that you're not happy with your experience and your results. I would caution you not to judge the results of your surgery so soon. Without examining you or seeing photos of you I can't really offer any advice about your case specifically, but I can tell you that you're in the very early stages of healing. You're still quite swollen and will reduce in size significantly over time. I would reserve judgement for about three months.

You may also want to wait to have any revisional surgery for the same three months. It may not be the best timing to jump back into the operating room while you're swollen and healing. Also, it seems from your question that you have already had the thigh lift. I would definitely wait for more healing before going back to revise a thigh lift. You're only about two weeks from surgery and still have a lot of healing to do. Going back in will augment the inflammatory process and lead to further swelling. It may also reduce the quality of the end result since the swelling will limit the tightness that can be achieved.

I would recommend that you try to work out a good plan with your surgeon. If you are not able to or don't want to do that, you should visit with a few board certified plastic surgeons to discuss your options.

I hope this info helps!

Secondary Liposuction 2 weeks after

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Before embarking on another surgery, I would make sure that you have a clear understanding of what is planned as well as goals for the procedure. IF you do not feel comfortable, I would not proceed as you could exacerbate your current condition.

Could Liposuction Affect a recently performed Thigh Lift?

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I read several of your posts and I really feel for you. But, you and your surgeon (?? real Plastic surgeon (www.plasticsurgery.org) VS another doctor practicing Plastic Surgery) appear to have a huge communication gap in where scars would be placed (other post), what procedures would be done and in what sequence.

Depending of the thigh lift method, the quality of your skin and the amount of remaining subcutaneous thigh fat, thigh dimpling is very hard to completely smooth away - but "I can still grab a large handful of fat on each of the front of my thighs ...there is still massive dimpling of my legs with marked excess skin still remaining in the inner thigh. I can still pull up skin in my inner thigh and cant understand why they weren't pulled tighter. It honestly doesn’t look like I have had a thigh lift."

Generally speaking, a thigh lift is optimally done either with or after liposuction had been completed. The idea here is that by removing as much as the fat as possible a flatter, tighter skin can be achieved with a thigh lift. If on the other hand the thigh lift is done and a large remaining amount of thigh fat is subsequently taken away either by diet / exercise or by liposuction - the result in most cases will be hanging, pleated loose skin.

It SOUNDS like you need to discuss this in depth with your surgeon and maybe get a second opinion from one of our colleagues in Jacksonville. Again, check www.plasticsurgery.org for help.

Good Luck.

Dr. P. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Too early to know Liposuction results

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You said that you were only 16 days out of surgery. That is really early and you are still very swollen from any liposuction that was done. Without seeing you myself I cannot say what surgically you need. However, even though you and your surgeon think that the results can be improved, I would recommend that you wait at least three months before doing any revisions. This is because you want the swelling to settle and the thigh lift to heal before re-evaluating what surgically needs to be improved. Although this may be hard to wait especially when you are disappointed, I would still recommend it.

Hope this helps.

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