Correcting Dent on Leg After Liposuction?

I had Liposuction on my thighs for contouring my legs more, but one leg ended up with a dent on the side that is very noticeable. Have had fat grafting by the doctor twice to try to fix it, but it didn't work. Do I have any other options? I can't wear a bathing suit or anything that will reveal my upper thigh because the dent looks like a leg deformity. I've even told people that it was a cyst I had removed.

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Other options for liposuction dent

Usually fat injections or fat transfer is the best way to correct a deficit from liposuction. Other helpful procedures include repeat injections of saline. The stretching of the skin stimulates fibroblasts in the area to produce collagen. Also sculptra can be injected into the area. There may be some scar tissue that would be to be released using underming with a needle or liposuction cannula (without aspiration)

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Contour Irregularity after liposuction

I get asked all the time about the various techniques for liposuction and which is better (traditional, power-assisted, tumescent, laser, etc.). The high incidence of contour irregularities such as lumps, bumps, dents, and tunnel marks, demonstrate that the most important thing is surgeon selection. Liposuction can be tedious for the surgeon and good results take careful technique and a patient surgeon. It takes much more time to do a good job than people think. That being said, dents are common. In fact, like many other surgeons, a good percentage of my liposuction practice is revising liposuction from other physicians. Sometimes, the dent can be reduced with careful liposuction at the periphery of the dent. This only works if the dent is fairly small. For larger problems, fat injections are a good option and work well. I have also had success with using Sculptra 0 the results are not as long lasting as fat, but the results are more predictable. I avoid using other fillers such as hyaluronic acid because it requires too much product with short lived results.

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Fat injection your best bet but sculptra may provide temporary relief

Fat injection or fat grafting is likely to be your best option and you may want to give it another try perhaps with another physician. Fillers may provide temporary relief and Sculptra is likely to provide you with the best result. Some permanent fillers are currently undue investigation by the fda but may not be available for one to two years.

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