Does Swelling on Knees After Liposuction Last Longer Than Other Areas?

hi i had liposuction on my knees and inner and outer thighs a week ago. does it take longer for swelling to go down on knees as they look bigger than they did before lipo when should i start to massage them?

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Knee liposuction

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Liposuction of the knees and lower estremities in general takes longer to dissipate than most other areas. Dependent areas usually do.

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Swellling after liposuction

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Swelling from liposuction on the lower body takes longer to resolve than upper body surgery. Knee and calve/ankle liposuction can take the longest to recover from swelling. Compression garments, leg elevation and avoidance of prolonged sitting or standing can help.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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Swelling after Liposuciton

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Yes, because of gravity, the swelling will accumulate in the knees and last the longest here when you have liposuction of your thighs.  If you elevate your legs and continue to wear compressive garments you should do well.  Good luck with your recovery.

Water runs downhill

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Swelling tends to settle according to gravitational principles. The lower extremites demonstrate progressively increased swelling as you travel distally. Therefore the ankles will tend to swell more as will the knees when compared to the thighs.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Swollen knees following liposuction of knees, medial and lateral thighs

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Hi, you are not alone in this dilemna.  With the suction of the medial and lateral thigh and the knees, the swelling will persist longest in the most dependent area.  If you could lounge around all day and keep your legs elevated, this would help, however, this is impractical for 99.9% of all people and does put you more at risk for deep venous thrombosis by not ambulating.  Compression garments will aid this process, but in the end, it is tincture of time for all of the swelling to finally subside.  If you come back to this post, please post a follow up to let us all know when the swelling finally went away and if you are happy with your procedure.

Swelling on the knees

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Swelling differs from patient to patient, but usually last between 1-3 months. A compression garment will serve to reduce swelling more rapidly.

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