How Long Does Nerve Pain Usually Last While Healing After Liposuction?

I had liposuction on my inner& outer thighs, hip, and abdomen yesterday. Right now, I'm experiencing minimal buising and pain is tolerable. However, I've read on some reviews that there are these nerve pains that hurt really bad. Here are some questions I have: When does this nerve pain start and what can I do about it? SHould I ask my surgeon for some medicine beforehand? Is it definite that I will experience this? Which post-op day hurts the most?

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Liposuction Pain

Of all the procedure I perform liposuction is, by far, the most uncomfortable.  Because we run the cannula just above the muscle fascia it irritates these deep tissues.  The pain is most noticeable when changing positions such as sitting to standing.  My patients describe the pain as a deep soreness like if you never exercised and then went and ran a marathon.  However, you'll notice that the skin is actually quite numb.  This is due to a temporary neuropraxia.  When the cannula is passed through the tissues the nerves that give sensation to the skin are stretched but not cut.  This stretching causes them to "go to sleep" (neuropraxia).  Over the next several weeks to months they will wake up and the sensation to the skin will return.

Pain is a perceived response.  Meaning that everyone's response to it is different.  This is based on age, previous painful experiences, life responsibilities etc.  So if your pain is tolerable now you'll do fine and I wouldn't expect the pain to get worse later.

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Liposuction and pain

The vast majority of people do not have trouble with nerve pain. The worst pain is usually the first few days after surgery. The discomfort is usually minimal when at rest and very sore when you move. It improves slowly after the first few days. Relax and try not to worry.

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Nerve pain and liposuction

It sounds like you are doing well - the first few days can be the most sore, and this should improve gradually.  Most patients do not have long-lasting nerve pain or neuropathic pain after liposuction.   I would wait and see what happens (because it is unlikely), and be thankful that so far everything sounds like you are feeling good one day postop!

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