What is the Best Lipo Method?

with so many methods of lipo I am really confused and also scheduled for traditional lipo. what is the best way? laser/smart lipo? Im sure there are many opinions but am afraid maybe I made a mistake in choosing the standard way, that it will be to painfull or bad end results.

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Traditional power assisted liposuction...

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There are many liposuction techniques that sound great like "laser" and "vaser" (which is ultrasonic) but really they are all just a marketing gimmick. All of the techniques are designed to make the operation easier on the surgeon by melting the fat cells because liposuction is actually a lot of manual labor! Many surgeons quit when they get tired, instead of when they have achieved the best result. All of the newer technologies have no advantage to the patient and are no less invasive, but have increased risk of complications. Vaser can cause burns of the skin and fluid collections called seromas. Laser liposuction claims to tighten the skin better but there have been no study's showing that this is true. Furthermore, laser liposuction coagulates the blood vessels, which are important for healing and can limit what you can do in the future, including certain types of tummy tucks. I was recently asked to be an expert adviser for zwivel on this topic. Power liposuction is traditional liposuction with a vibrating cannula that makes it easier on the surgeon, but without any increased risk of complications. In addition, I can combine power liposuction with the "SAFE" liposuction technique, which is the best technique to avoid contour deformities. In my opinion the optimal outcome after lipsosuction has more to do with the effort and expertise of the surgeon than any new product. 

Palm Beach Gardens Physician

The BEST liposuction technique

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The best liposuction technique is the one chosen by your trusted plastic surgeon.   There are at least 5 different techniques to perform safe liposuction.   Whatever works the best in the hands of your surgeon is the type that needs to be performed for you.   One does not need to pay for technology if the technician cant perform the technical event.   The best analogy I have heard goes like this.   Tiger Woods is one of the finest golfers in the world.   He can choose the latest and greatest golf clubs yet he uses many clubs that are several years old.  Why?   They work for him!  Most of us read the latest literature and question representatives of the latest and greatest devices.   We choose what works the best in our hands.   The bottom line is what kind of results the surgeon can provide for you.   Viewing photographs of patients before and after, as well as speaking to them will give you the best insight.  I personally use tumsescent liposuction techniques with ultrasonic and suction assisted liposuction techniques, removing no more than 5 liters of aspirate per procedure.

The Best Lipo Method

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Thanks for your question; it's one that a lot of people have because there are so many options now for liposuction patients. First of all, I think you were wise to avoid laser liposuction. In my experience, liposuction techniques that use heat, like laser, radiofrequency and ultrasonic energy, can cause a lot of problems. The same heat that liquefies the fat also causes damage to the tissues surrounding the fat, not only killing the fat cells, but killing other very important types of cells as well. This thermal injury causes intense inflammation, subsequently causing even more cells to die and more scar tissue to form in the targeted areas. This scar tissue causes the formation of dermal adhesions which ultimately result in contour deformities such as indentations or ripples.

I think that traditional liposuction can be fine, as long as you don’t try to go too thin, and at a minimum, it’s performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon with plenty of experience. Power-assisted liposuction is considered by many to be quite a bit easier on the patient and surgeon, and it’s a tried-and-true form of liposuction, with most surgeons feeling like they achieve very good results with it.

I developed a comprehensive body contouring method called SAFELipo that many doctors around the world have adopted. It uses a 3-step process of fat separation, aspiration, and equalization that combines the benefits of liposuction, fat shifting and fat grafting. This process approach allows some unique advantages in shaping all parts of the body, breasts, and face. The very careful, unique separation step allows for removal of the maximum volume of fat while preserving healthy tissue and optimal blood supply to the area. The final equalization step ensures a smooth, thin layer of remaining fat for visibly smoother and more thorough results. These steps also allow for treatment of adjacent areas that may not need liposuction, but do need skin tightening. Because of the dramatic, smooth, sculpted results surgeons achieve, as well as the very low rate of complications and bruising, and shortened recovery with SAFELipo, I believe it to be the best liposuction method.

I recommend you consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in body contouring and can show plenty of his or her own before and after pictures of the exact procedure you’re looking to have done. He or she can give you guidance tailored to your specific physical characteristics and goals. Good luck!

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Best Lipo Method

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Liposuction is a blend of art and science.  I think Liposculpture is a more appropriate term.  I think the best results come from meticulous attention to detail, using many different tiny powered cannulas, excellent thorough evenly placed numbing fluid, avoidance of general anesthesia, and utilizing many different positions during the procedure.  The most  important factor is the skill set of the surgeon.  

The one best lipo

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There is no one best liposuction...at least not yet. Different techniques may have different applications and benefits depending on the patient and surgeon. This can vary with the location of  the liposuction site ase well. In some instances, i have used laser, ultrasound, power assisted, nutational, syringe suction assited lipectomy/lipoplasty.

Best Liposuction Method

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I always compare liposuction and surgeon to car and driver. In a car race such as NASCAR, the car does not win the race. What matters is who is driving the car. Similarly, in liposuction, surgical outcome its not based on the  method, but the surgeon doing the liposuction. Essentially, the best result in liposuction depends on the training and experience of the surgeon. Your surgeon should be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

There are many technologies available to assist the Plastic surgeon. The most common ones are ultrasonic (Vaser & Lysonix) and laser (multiple brands). Each technology carries its own inherent risk and benefits.
No matter which technologies used as an adjunct to liposuction, it is the training, experience, and judgment of the Plastic surgeon that makes the most difference in outcome. The surgeon should select the method that will deliver the best result for the patient. As an expert in all the methods of liposuction, I select which method to deliver the best result.

There are now at least 14 different tools for performing liposuction.

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There are now at least 14 different tools for performing liposuction. Experienced capable doctors can get good results with any of them. The key is to find the best liposuction expert in your community and let him/her choose the instrument.

William P. Coleman III, MD
Metairie Dermatologic Surgeon

Confusion over different types of liposuction

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There isn't one right answer as to which type of liposuction is better. Each surgeon has his/her own technique that works best for them. Sometimes it depends on the area and the patient, that can determine the method, as some surgeons use a combination. But the most important thing to consider is the experience of your surgeon, check to be sure of Board Certification in Plastic Surgery and ask to see lots of before and after pictures. Some surgeons can arrange for you to speak to one or two of their patients that have been through the procedure.

The Best Method for Liposuction

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As a surgeon who has performed a large number of liposuction surgeries I find that even I am confused and overwhelmed by the number of technologies out there that claim to offer better results, less down time and less discomfort. If I'm having trouble sorting out the truth patients must really be confused. I have used ultrasonic and laser assisted liposuction as well as the pneumatic liposuction handle and I can state categorically that the artistic and technical ability of the surgeon is 98% of the equation when it comes to getting superb results. As with any other cosmetic surgical procedure research out your surgeon with great care. Look at the photos he/she  should have in the office. Feel confident that your surgeon understands your concerns, appears interested in your concerns and is proposing a surgical plan that seems reasonable. Don't stress too much about the technology. The tumescent technique is the gold standard against which all other techniques must be judged. Best of Luck

Different methods of liposuction

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One method is not any more or less painful than another in liposuction although for some patients, the vibration felt with power liposuction may distract the nerve endings and make it feel less bothersome, but after the anesthetic solution is injected liposuction is comfortable for most patients. The end result may be the same regardless of using conventional tumescent liposuction, ultrasonic liposuction, water jet liposuction or laser-assisted smart liposuction. The good result you obtain from the liposuction is dependent on the surgeon's experience and talent.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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