Does lilash change iris of green hazel eyes even if used properly without getting it on the inside of the eye?

I have green hazel eyes and i'm wondering of i use lilash will it cause more dark pigments with time. I've been doing some research and they said it doesn't as long as u leep the drug from getting inside so just asking. Also is latisse a better alternative that doesn't change you're iris as a possible side effect?

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Changing eye color with Latisse or Lilash

Lilash is not an FDA approved product so their studies aren't medically validated. It's impossible for any of us to state with true certainty what can or can't happen simply because the medical data isn't present. Latisse, on the other hand, is the only FDA approved product for eyelashes and when it's applied appropriately, to the upper lash line once per day, there aren't issues with iris change.

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Staining the eyes is a possible side effect of Latisse.

Staining of the eyes is a possible side effect of Latisse. Ensure you apply the product as indicated and you should have better luck avoiding any color changes.


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Latisse will not change eye color if used properly

Latisse is applied to the eyelid skin, where it will not have any effect on eye color. The reason for the label warning is that the same active ingredient is used in a glaucoma medication which is placed into the eye; in that case there were rare reports of darkening iris pigmentation in patients with green to hazel eyes. I have not heard of it happening with Latisse. Keep in mind that Latisse is the ONLY FDA-approved product for eyelash growth, which means that it has been validated in clinical studies for safety and effectiveness.

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