Is Lightsheer Diode Laser the Best Option for Chin Hair Removal?

I have never had any kind of laser treatment before, and I have an appointment scheduled this afternoon for lightsheer diode laser hair removal. When I booked it, she told me to shave the area first. My concern is that I wanted to have my chin done, but I only have 5-10 dark hairs that bother me, the rest of the hair is so fine and blone that it is "invisible". I'm nervous that if I shave my chin for treatment that these hairs will become coarser or stubbly, especially after reading that this type of treatment doesn't work well on light/colorless hair. I've been plucking the few dark ones out for a few years because there are so few, but I've been getting ingrown hairs and more self conscious since I don't always notice they are back since some are in hard for me to see places. In addition, my face is breaking out since I'm always touching it to see if I feel any of the hairs coming back. I was hoping for a more permenant solution, but now I'm not sure if this treatment is the most appropriate. I plan to have my underarms done anyway, but should I hold off on the chin and try something like electrolisis instead? I'm open to any other suggestions anyone has!!

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LightSheer laser is effective for chin hair

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The LightSheer diode laser is very effective in removing dark chin hair but will require several treatments.  It will not remove your blonde hairs.  The hair needs to be within the hairshaft so the pigment can absorb the laser energy.  For this reason, you need to stop tweezing or waxing for about 4 weeks before your treatments and you need to shave the day of your treatments.  Shaving does not make the hair grow thicker, as some patients believe.  Please have your treatments with an experienced technician.

Toronto Dermatologist

LightSheer Duet for laser hair removal

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Laser Hair Removal is most effective in brown or black hair, especially on a lighter skin background. It will provide long lasting resulting, although an occasional touch-up may be required. Light hair does not respond great to laser, although it will often become finer and thinner, and less of a problem after laser hair removal. There are a few great laser hair removal systems, and LightSheer Duet is one of the best since it is safe and very effective in all skin colours. It is also probably the least painful of the laser hair removal systems.

Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC
Toronto Dermatologic Surgeon

Chin takes more treatments for laser hair removal

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Experience shows that while say four to six treatments may get rid of the bulk of the armpit hairs, the chin has so many more hair follicles that more treatments are likely to be necessary. Most of the time the last treatments can focus just on the chin as the armpit areas are all clear.

Shaving or cutting the chin hairs will not make them grow back darker. That is a very common myth. Any darkening of hairs would of happened anyway and had nothing to do with shaving or cutting the hair. As you may know, the hair is is made of dead cells, only the root cells are alive.

T. Wayne Day, MD
Nashville Dermatologic Surgeon

Laser Hair Removal for Chin

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Laser Hair Removal is an excellent option for a long term solution.  While it is true that the fine, blond hairs are not treatable, it is a myth that hair will become more coarse with shaving.  Many of our patients note a decrease in ingrown hairs and subsequent improvement in skin texture upon starting treatment.  I encourage you to move forward with treatment in this area, as most patients are quite satisfied with their results.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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The #LightSheer Duet #LaserHairRemoval laser has shown great results on chin hair in our office.

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Coarse, dark hair like the ones shown in your picture will respond very well to treatment, however the fine, light hairs surrounding them would likely show little to no change from treatment.

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