Does Lifting Cheeks with Sculptra Help with Jowls?

I'm thinking of having Sculptra injections to fill out area where my cheeks used to sit (higher up). It would be such a plus if the filling out of the cheeks would lift the jowl area in the process. Anyone know? Thanks!

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Using Sculptra in the cheek area can help to restore volume in the area and help to lift the jowls.  In addition to this, fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm can be used to soften the marionette lines.  

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Restoring the volume in the midface with Sculptra will help lift the jowls

Sculptra is a wonderful three dimensional filler to restore lost volume in the central third of the face.  The aging face loses both fat and bone.  The skin then hangs over a smaller frame with greater folds.  By adding volume with Sculptra to the cheek area the extra skin that lies over the jowl will be minimized.  A two dimensional filler, such as Restylane or Juvederm, can be added to the corners of the mouth and the marionnette lines to further soften the jowliness in the lower face.

Pamela Carr, MD
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Volumization of the cheeks can lift the jowls in some patients

yes, if you have lost a significant volume in your cheeks, then your smile folds may be deeper and the jowl may be lower over the jaw.  Some patients do see a significant improvement of the jowl being raised up and the smile folds being improved after volume correction of the cheek.  Sculptra acts by stimulating your own body to produce more collagen. It is not a quick fix. You need a few treatments scheduled about every three weeks and it can take six months to see the results after the last treatment.

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Lifting Cheeks with Sculptra Help with Jowls

Thank you for your question. Sculptra works by stimulating your own body to produce more collagen. Sculptra can be used in the cheek area to help restore volume and to help lift the jowls. You may need a few treatments scheduled every 3 weeks before you can see any result. I recommend having a consultation with an expert to determine the best treatment plan for you. Best of Luck! 

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Jowl Improvement with Fillers

Sculptra is not a facelift in a jar, however, you can have dramatic results with a skilled injector.

To achieve  the results you desire, in addition to volumizing the cheeks, you will need to fill in the pre-jowl sulcus (the area in front of the jowls).


Jon M. Grazer, MD, MPH, FACS
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Lift the jowls

Yes, Using Sculptra in the midfacial area can often fill area with enough volume to pull the jowls up a bit. You can demonstrate this by pullong  on that midfacial skin a bit and seeing how jowl area can rise. Results certainly vary depending on severity of problem. 

Jo Herzog, MD
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