What is the Life Expectancy for Bio-gel Buttock Injections?

I am 19 years old, and had made the worst decision of my life getting bio-gel buttock injections. What is the life expectancy of the gel, and is their Anyway I can take care or get rid of the gel. Is it possible for me to ever be healthy again?

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Unfortunately, the big question is what were you really injected with. Many people who get Butt Injections are told they are being injected with one thing but often get injected with something else.  Hydrogels are very expensive.
If Hydrogel is really what you were injected with and you survived the procedure without dying from pulmonary embolus and survived the first few weeks without any infections, then you are lucky and it should be gone in about a year or two.  If in fact it was not hydrogel, and you were still lucky enough to have made it through, you may be perfectly fine forever, or you may develop painful lumps.  Hopefully you will not.  But if it is silicone which seems to be the most commonly injected substance, then it is permanent.  You may have problems, you may not.  There is no way to know.  

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