Does Latisse Stop Working After Using It for 3 Years or So?

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How long will Latisse work?

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Latisse should work for as long as you wish to apply it. Latisse works by increasing the amount of time each eyelash hair remains in the growing phase. The growth phase of an average eyelash hair is approximately 1 to 2 months. There are approximately 100 to 150 eyelashes on each upper eyelid. The growth of eyelashes is cyclical, going through 3 stages: a growth phase, a transition phase, and a resting phase. Since there are always new hairs entering the growth phase, Latisse should continue to be effective.

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Latisse after 3 Years

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Latisse should continue to work after 3 years as long as the product continues to be applied.  Although there will be phase when lashes will fall out, the new growth phase should follow.

Latisse Still Works....

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Latisse does not stop working after using it for 3+ years...

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Latisse Results and Lasting Time

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There is no reason that Latisse should stop working if you are using it regularly. If you stop using Latisse, lashes will gradually return to their previous appearance.

Does Latisse stop working?

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There is no clinical evidence to support that Latisse should stop working at any point. I've had no patients report that it stopped or lessened over time, and my staff has used it since the day it became available and all are still using it effectively.

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