Can Any Type of Doctor Prescribe Latisse?

Can I get Latisse from my family doctor, or do I have to go to a doctor with a certain specialty?

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Latisse prescription

The short answer is yes, however I would recommend that you have a consultation with a board certified surgeon who is familiar with Latisse. Latisse is not recommended in patients with eye pressure problems without close observation by your physician. You can visit the Latisse web site to locate a board certified doctor in your area.

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All physicians can prescribe Latisse

Any physician can prescribe Latisse; however, not all physicians will be familiar with its indications, use and contraindications. You should try and seek a board certified plastic surgeon, dermatologist or oculoplastic surgoen/ophthalmologist. You can also go to to find a provider near you.

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Consult with an MD that has experience with Latisse

It’s important to realize that any physician can prescribe Latisse. Unfortunately, not all physicians have experience with this drug. For this reason it’s important to consult a physician with a backround in cosmetic surgery, Ophthalmology or dermatology.These physicians have the training and experience to ensure that Latisse is appropriately utilized.

Latisse prescription

Any doctor can prescribe Latisse, however you would need a physical examination and review of your medical history before you obtain the prescription. This is to ensure the product is safe for you. Therefore, you may want to go to a doctor who is knowledgeable of the product.

Latisse Prescription

Yes any Dr. can prescribe Latisse. However Latisse has only been FDA approved for the past 2 years hence it is recommended that you seek a consultation from a Dr. who is Board certified and understands and is able to properly explain with confidence how the product works.


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License to prescribe Latisse

Yes, but I would go to an ophthalmologist, since Latisse is just rebranded Lumigan, which is a glaucoma drop, that's side-effect is lash growth, so eye MDs have a DECADE of experience with Lumigan, whereas every other type of MD (like a dermatologist) will only have TWO years experience with Latisse (since it only got approved by FDA 2 years ago)

Latisse can be purchased on line

Latisse can be purchased from any state in the US with free shipping by going to or by following the link below and filling out a short medical history form. It is an extremely safe medication to use. Over two million prescriptions for Latisse have now been filled with no confirmed reports of iris pigmentation issues. Less than 4 percent of people experienced redness, irritation and itching of the upper eyelid which was reversible upon discontinuation.

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Doctors who provided Latisse

Latisse can be obtained from any licensed physician.  However, I recommend one obtain the medication from a physician with experience in cosmetic surgery.  A board certified plastic surgeon can likely recommend additional procedures to further enhance one's overall appearance. 

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Any type of physician can write latisse presciptions

Latisse prescriptions can be provided by any doctor. We offer a free prescription during a free, private consultation.

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Any Type of Doctor Can Prescribe Latisse

Any Md can prescribe Latisse. You will find a good and broad range....from Ophthalmologists (Eye Doctors) to Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists and onwards. As long as the MD you go to has experience with the product then you should be fine.

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