iLASIK (IFS 150 Intralase) Vs Z-LASIK (Crystal Plus)?

I'd like to get a bladeless lasik and would like to know which is better: iLasik using IFS 150 Intralase or Z-LASIK Crystal Plus™ (which seems to be more commonly used outside of US)?

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Six of one, half a dozen of another

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I have used both systems and have found clinically no difference in my outcomes.  Both of them have similar safety profile.  If you find a surgeon that you are comfortable with, then don't let which is these two laser he uses dissuade you.  You will have the best of technologies in both cases.  Look for a surgeon and a center where you feel comfortable.  Good luck!  You'll be fine.

Houston Ophthalmologist

Intra-LASIK Versus Z-LASIK

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My experience is almost entirely with the iLASIK.  I have watched cases done with Ziemer and read about it.  The two things that make me prefer the Intralase (iLASIK ) are that there is far more research into the safety of iLASIK, whereas the zLASIK (Ziemer) is much less established technology and the fact that the pattern of laser used by the Ziemer is similar in configuration to older keratome blades. 

Michael K. Tracy, MD
San Diego Ophthalmologist


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I have used both systems and seen no clinical difference. The skill and experience of the surgeon is far more improtant a factor in your outcome than the laser equipment used. Modern laser systems are all extrememly accurate and reliable. I would concentrate on finding a qualified surgeon with whom you feel comfortable.

Ilan Cohen, MD
New York Ophthalmologist

Fake "bladeless" LASIK vs true NON-CUTTING LASEK

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people choose "bladeless" LASIK because they want improved safety over LASIK

getting a flap cut w a laser is about 10-20% safer

the brand doesn't really matter

in contrast, avoiding the cut altogether w LASEK is 10x safer, or 1000% safer

there is however, a longer recovery

all of our patients choose a safer procedure w better final vision and no dry eyes over a faster recovery the first week

Emil Chynn MD

Emil William Chynn, MD, FACS, MBA
New York Ophthalmologist

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