Lasik and Lateral Canthoplasty Medial Epicantho at the Same Time

i know u cant do blepharoplasty and lasik in one sitting because of the eyelid intersection, but what about epicantho and lateral cantho AND lasik, not necessarily in one sitting, but in a short time frame, for exapmle, on the same "vacation" perhaps a week apart. epicantho and lat cantho, then one week later do lasik with another doctor. can this be done safely without any dangerous side effects? i do not mind dry eyes as long as it resolves itself over time. thanks

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I would recommend more time than a week before LASIK and blepharoplasty

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I would recommend more time than a week before LASIK and blepharoplasty. It’s better to give your eyes the chance to heal completely before undergoing another surgery in the same area. You can get dry eye from blepharoplasty, and you don’t want to do anything that might be detrimental to the healing of your LASIK surgery.

New York Ophthalmologist

LASIK and Other Eyelid Procedures

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Usually, we like to separate the procedures to minimize potential complications such as dryness; however, I would leave that decision to both eyeMD's after an examination of your ocular conditions.  Sometimes, they can be done closer together.

Sandy Feldman, MD
San Diego Ophthalmologist

LASIK Combined with Other Eyelid Procedures

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I advise my patients to wait about a month after LASIK before having any other eye or eyelid procedures. There is no exact science to this, but it is a practice I have followed for over 20 years without incident.

Anthony J. Kameen, MD
Baltimore Ophthalmologist

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