Alphagan P - My Only Option?

So the verdict is in. I went for my 3 month post op today and found out they measured my pupil at 6mm when it was really at 8mm. They said that within the next 5-10 years I may not have to use the drops anymore since my pupil won't dilate to 8mm by then. I'm 28 years old and now have to buy drops because the techs didnt do a proper measurement. I may have to have a slight RX for driving glasses. How well do these drops work and is there anything left I can do?

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Pupil size is not the only factor

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In my experience, pupil size is not the only factor for what I assume is a halo issue for you.  Set your goals on functioning well, whether that is the use of drops or temporary glasses.  Things do generally improve over time.

New York Ophthalmologist


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There is not a one to one correlation with pupillary size and night vision complaints after LASIK.  There are studies from the military which failed to show a correlation of night time complaints and LASIK.  There are a number of options for night time complaints after LASIK: 1. Use of night driving glasses to correct a small residual prescription, 2.  Use of alphagan  to prevent the pupil from increasing in size and 3.  The use of a color type of contact lens.  These are three possible solutions to your complaints.

Sandy Feldman, MD
San Diego Ophthalmologist

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