Lasik Available for Severe Myopia +7.5 Both Eyes? I'm 35, Thanks.

Just wondering if there is any corrective procecure available to correct my vision. Approx +7.50 - +8.00 with astigmatism in one eye. Thanks

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LASIK for Severe Myopia or Hyperopia Versus ICL

This would depend on whether you are -7.50 (myopia or being near-sighted) or +7.50 (hyperopia or called far-sighted).  LASIK can treat myopia up to about -15.00 safely in patients with thick enough corneas. 


If your corneas are thicker than 550 µm and you are otherwise healthy a -7.50 treatment is generally no problem at all. 


If you have +7.50 of hyperopia (this means you are far sighted), LASIK is probably not an ideal treatment for you.  This would be a case where ICL may be the better choice. ICL is a treatment where the Intralase laser would be used to create a small incision on the cornea and a permanent contact lens is inserted, eliminating the need for contacts and glasses.

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LASIK for Severe Myopia

Yes, you may have LASIK for myopia of minus 7.5, BUT you have to make sure that your cornea is thick. There is also a non flap option for correcting minus 7.5 called PRK.   However, in your post you wrote + 7.5 which means you actually have farsightedness or hyperopia which is very different than myopia or nearsightedness. If, indeed, that is the case, than your options at your age are limited to either doing nothing or doing a clear lens exchange and replacing your natural crystalline lens with an implant that is an entirely different and much more serious procedure than LASIK or PRK.  

Good luck, you only have 2 eyes!


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