Lasik and Eye Allergy. Can I Get Lasik While I'm On Eyedrops?

i've been wearing lenses for 10 years( that never hurt me) and i got allergic conjunctivitis for 7 days i'm now on patanol and steroid and my doctor advised me to have lasik and told me that all the work is on the cornea and its ok to do while i'm on treatment. can i do it while i'm on the drops or should i wait till the allergy subsides and i stop the drops??

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Lasik and Eye Allergy

It is not uncommon to see a spike of interest in Lasik during allergy season, because wearing contact lenses can be so irritating during this time of the year. There is no reason to postpone Lasik because it is allergy season. In fact, the steroid eyedrop we will put you on for about two weeks post Lasik will keep allergy symptoms at bay. Once you stop the steroid eye drops then you can resume an antihistamine eyedrop for allergy symptoms. I usually prefer if you can avoid oral antihistamine tablets(Claritin, etc) for about a week post op, as these types of medications can dry the eye a bit.

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Allergy season and LASIK, Laser vision

Allergy season is actually a very common time of the year that patients are interested in Laser Vision Correction due to their problems with itching and irritation from contact lenses.  It is no problem whatsoever to have Laser eye surgery during this season, and you can continue on your current medications.  A few key points to remember:  1) the medicated eye drops we give you post operatively after surgery will take full care of your allergic symptoms, so for those first few weeks post op, even during allergy season, your eyes will feel fine even without your normal allergy meds.    2) the meds you take by mouth for allergies can dry your eyes as well as other mucous membranes in your body.   You may need to make up for the drier eyes by using extra lubricant drops or try to limit your usage of the oral allergy meds as much as you can.  3).  No eye rubbing!  You really shouldn't rub the eyes after these surgeries, as you can weaken the cornea in the long run.  Learn how to deal with allergies without rubbing your eyes!   Good luck, it is a great procedure and you will love it!

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Allergies and LASIK

Those with eye allergies commonly want LASIK because contact lenses can make the allergies worse.  There is no concern of the use of Patanol during the time of LASIK.  Patanol has now been superceded with a once daily formulation called Pataday.  Ask your LASIK surgeon for a prescription.  Other drops used during this time may also be helpful.

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LASIK Lasek and allergic conjunctivitis

You can get refractive surgery while you have allergies

actually you'll be on steroid drops postop

so you'll have zero allergies this year because it's impossible to mount an allergic response on steroids

so this year will be your best season for allergies

and all future years will also be better because you won't be in contacts

Also don't forget there are now newer noncutting alternatives to lasik

These are called Lasek and epiLASEK 

Emil William Chynn, MD, FACS, MBA
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