Laser Tattoo Removal for Eyeliner Tattoo

What kind of doctor is best to see for a laser removal of eyeliner tattoo? What kind of laser is involved in this procedure?

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Laser tattoo removal for eyeliner tattoo

I have treated multiple cases of tattoo eyeliner. It is necessary that corneal shields (glasses) or a metal shield specific be utilized during the treatment. I like Q-switched Nd: Yag laser (532/1064) or Q switched ruby to help removing black ink tattoo. There is a risk for hyper/hypo pigmentation. An appropriate professional to treat these tattoos would be a dermatologists or laser surgeon who has been experienced in treating these tattoos and the facility is equipped with these lasers namely the lasers are not rented.

Long Island Dermatologic Surgeon
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Corneal Shields for Permanent Eyeliner Removal

If the eyeliner is brown or black, it should be successfully removed with a q-switched Nd:Yg laser. With that said, there are some permanent makeup inks that will oxidize (change) to different colors after the laser treatment. In the worst case, they can change to faded blue or orange, which makes them difficult to remove. In addition, because the laser treatment is on the eye, you would need the physician to use corneal shields to prevent any damage to the eye. Finally, q-switched lasers may cause some temporary hair loss to the eyelashes that may last up to several months.

The physician you choose should be experienced in tattoo and permanent makeup removal and have the following three items:

Q-swtiched Nd:Yg laser

Q-swtiched Alexandrite or Ruby Laser (if the permanent makeup oxides to a much lighter color as discussed above)

Corneal shields for eye protection. These are worn under the eyelids during treatment.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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