Laser liposuction bleeding? (photo)

Ive just preformed abdomen liposuction last week , am very worried coz I lost about 500ml blood during the surgery and fats 1.5 liter only although the doctor told me in the consultation I have around 5 liter fats Is that normal range for bleeding and fats Please advice Thanks

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Laser liposuction bleeding?

Not really sure what you are asking??? The TOTAL shown in the posted photo is 2+liters. Of which 500+ is bloody fluids, NOT pure blood loss! The remaining is the supernatant fat of 1.5L+/-. You did not post self photos nor your ht and wt so we CAN NOT respond...

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Laser liposuction bleeding

Many doctors will overestimate the amount of fat that is going to be removed. It is fairly easy to take 20-30% of the fat, but to take up to 90% takes 4-5 time longer, and especially when the fat is fibrous, it is difficult to get the 5 liters of fat that he may have promised.

The infranatent, or the fluid that the fat is floating on is not just blood, but is composed of some blood from bleeding during liposuction, plus the tumescent fluid that was placed to enable the lipo, and plasma, which is the fluid portion of the blood without white cells. Say your hematocrit or the percentage of volume of red cells in your blood at surgery was 45%, the hematocrit of the red colored fluid in the jar at your surgery may have been as low as 10%. This means that the 500ml of bloody fluid removed only contained about 50ml of blood. When you give blood, a unit of blood is about 250ml, so the actual blood loss in the fluid was very small. After the procedure, bleeding and oozing continues and may totally be about a unit of blood for 1.5 liters of fat removed. With microlipo we usually get about 10-20 percent of the actual fat and fluid removed as the infranatent or liquid aspirate, where you had about 30%, however, this is entirely within the normal range. That being said, you had 3.3 pounds of fat that was permanently removed from your body and that is about average for the lipo community in general.

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I am interested in how you got that picture but I agree with the other smart docs you do not have to worry about blood loss

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