Is Laser Lipolysis Safe for the Face?

I am considering Laser Lipolysis to remove extra fullness in the areas of the nasolabial folds and very medial cheeks. They are focal areas and are full due to Fat Grafts from acne scars years ago. Is Laser Lipolysis of the face safe? I worry about nerve damage, possible hair removal in treated areas, and what long-term damage is possible. But it seems way less traumatic than micro lipo.

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Laser lipolysis of the face

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This is not a common area to liposuction and great caution must be exercised with any technique. Generally speaking a skilled surgeon will proceed in a conservative fashion to avoid or minimize these potential complications which should be very uncommon.

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Facial Laser Lipolysis

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Laser liposuction is based on applying heat and literally cooking underlying fat. Personally, I do NOT think that this modality is safe to use in the face and would not recommend
using it. There are several new fat reducing modalities FDA pending approval. I would wait and see how they work out.

Dr. P. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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