Chance of Developing Keloids After Dermabrasion

im 32ys female asian, prone to keloid fromation on my arms and buttocks. I had dermal abrasion 2 days back for my acne scar on my cheeks, do i have the chances of developing keloid on my cheek after dermal abrasion?( i had dermal abrasioon once n 3 times chemical peeling in the past on my cheeks , but didnt develop keloid)

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Dermabrasion and keloids

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Often patients who form keloids on their trunk and extremities may not develop keloids on their face.  It is very risky though to have dermabrasion if you form keloids.  You were fortunate not to have developed keloids after your previous dermabrasion so hopefully, you will not develop them this time.  Follow your surgeon's post-laser instructions carefully.  If needed, you might consider fractional non-ablative laser treatment with the Fraxel Re:store laser.

Toronto Dermatologist

Keloid development can vary on different areas

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Keloid development can vary on different areas in the same patient. Some areas are more prone to bad scars than others. With a history of someone who is prone to Keloids, I would never create a new wound on their face (i.e. dermabrasion).

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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