Dermaroller/Dermabrasion While on Low Dose Accutane

I've been getting dermaroller/dermabrasion procedures done by my dermatologist for acne scar treatments, but I tend to occasionally break out (a few here and there, cystic/nodular acne). My dermat recommended that I be on a low dose Accutane regimen for maintenance since my occasional breakouts are going to end up causing scars again while I still continue w/my dermaroller sessions. He says a very low dose of Accutane for maintenance won't really affect anything, is this true? Is it safe?

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Dermaroller/Dermabrasion while on Accutane a bad idea.

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Though the risks may be "minimal" if you are having "only" a "mild" dermabrasion or dermaroller session, what if your "low dose" of Accutane ends up giving you hypertrophic or keloidal scarring? If the dose of Accutane is so "very low" that it "won't really affect anything," then why use it? It must be anticipated to have a (beneficial) effect on your acne, so why might it not have a (bad) effect on your healing?

Sorry about all the quotation marks, but say each of those quoted words with a little emphasis as you read my answer, and you may catch what I'm really trying to say.

Just because you "hope" something bad won't happen doesn't mean you can avoid proper precautions with a known complication. I hope you always wear a seat belt when you drive, even though your risk of being in an accident where you might be thrown from your vehicle and have it roll over you is "very low." I think your Dermatologist may be putting his or her procedure income ahead of your best interests--why do anything risky if it is completely avoidable? It is your risk to take or not, but realize that it is your skin that will have permanent and potentially disfiguring scarring if those "low" risks become reality!

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Accutane is generally a contraindication to any resurfacing

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Accutane is generally a contraindication to any resurfacing. However derma rolling is a form of fractionated type of resurfacing which may not have as significant risks. This would be highly dependent on your surgeons experience. There are other ways to control your acne including hormonal control, antibiotics, chemical peels, directed skin care.

Philip Young, MD
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Dermabrasion or dermaroller and Accutane

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Typically speaking any resurfacing procedure should be avoided during or after accutane treatment for a period of 6 months.The concern is delayed healing with possible scarring.  However, if your dermatologist has vast experience wtih this technique, this may be a protocol that they have perfected.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Dermaroller/Dermabrasion While on Low Dose Accutane

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BAD IDEA! While on any dose of Accutane having any skin penetration can lead to BAD scarring!!! Be careful out there. 

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