Does laser lipo help reduce cellulite? (photo)

I have a little fat on my upper thighs that I cannot get rid of with diet and exercise as well as quite a bit of cellulite on my thighs. Would laser lipo help with this? I have also read about velushape and endermologie for cellulite. Would these help or would you recommend a different procedure?

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Laser liposuction

The research regarding cellulaze in treatment of cellulite shows some improvement in treatment of severe cellulite, however the small dimpling, like the one you have show minimal improvement. This is the reason why I do not provide this treatment, if any surgeon tells you that your problem will be solve by any treatment, walk away because they are not being honest. I do offer smartlipo liposuction and in my opinion some patients have some improvement but i never tell patients the cellulite will disappear. Veloshape and all the other endermologie will help but the effect is temporary and you need to keep performing the treatments to keep the minimal improvement.
If the patient has some excess fat deposits I recommend treatment with láser liposuction to remove these areas and the superficial treatment with the láser may help with the cellulitis. The only way I can really give you a good advice if with a consultation.

Kansas City Plastic Surgeon
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Can make it worse

Laser lipo can make cellulite worse.

To date, I have not seen any technology that has impressed me.

I have seen some long lasting but not permanent improvements from Venus Freeze.

Best of luck,

Mats Hagstrom, M.D.

Mats Hagstrom, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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Brazilian Cellulite Treatment for Cellulite

Laser liposuction does not remove cellulite.  It can reduce the appearance of cellulite in some areas. For cellulite, I use the Brazilian Cellulite Treatment that I helped develop.


Dr. Karamanoukian 

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Consider cellulaze for cellulite

Smartlipo is effective at reducing excess fat but not removing the dimples your photo shows.  Cellulaze is similar to Smartlipo and uses the same laser as Smartlipo but is a specialized technique that is more effective in reducing cellulite.

Daryl K. Hoffman, MD
San Jose Plastic Surgeon
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Laser liposuction / Celulaze

The interesting thing about laser liposuction is that it can achieve some moderate skin tightening, which makes it a great asset for the typical problema areas for saggy skin, mainly arms, inner thighs and neck.Celulaze is simply a variation of laser liposuction with a special tip enabling the surgeon to work more superficial.Ceulaze can indeed have very good results for celulite, but it will unlikely make it disappear completely.
However, Celulaze is a good option with a high patient satisfaction rate.

Alexander Aslani, MD
Spain Plastic Surgeon
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Does laser lipo help reduce cellulite?

Yes and NO! SmartLipo does NOT really help cellulite. CELLULAZE from the Smart lipo platform does. I also recommend Resolution MD system for cellulite. The endermologie and Velashape offer ONLY very temporary if any correction. PM me for where to obtain the Resolution creams... 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Laser lipo and cellulite

Laser lipo does not improve cellulite. Cellulaze treatments may help improve the area, but the research is limited in my opinion.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Usually, liposuction will actually make cellulite a little worse, so not really

Liposuction doesn't usually affect cellulite in a good way because it reduces the amount of fat and that creates little pockets.  For this sort of concern you are better off looking at Velashape or one of the other treatments that are specifically aimed at cellulite.  Good luck!

Joel Schlessinger, MD
Omaha Dermatologic Surgeon
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Cellulite treatment

You look like you would be an excellent candidate for Cellulaze, or laser lipo treatment for cellulite, and liposuction of the thighs. Cellulaze is FDA approved for long term correction of cellulite. Cellulaze is minimally invasive, and can be done with local anesthesia. In my experience, other, noninvasive cellulite treatments are largely ineffectual.

Robert J. Carpenter, MD
Cumberland Plastic Surgeon
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