After stopping Minoxidil, are two months enough for all hair grown from the drug to fall down?

I have been using Minoxidil for two years (last year only once a day) At first, it worked perfectly fine but it stopped working. (I'm not sure if it stopped working or that its still working but I am losing other hair) I decided to completely stop Minoxidil and do a Hair transplant in two months, hoping that all hair grown for the drug falls within these two months. Are two months enough for the hair transplant doctor to see my worst case and accordingly do the operation?

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After stopping Minoxidil

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Hair gets its pre treatment phase 4-6 months after you stop using minoxidil. But that is not enough to decide to have hair transplant, miniaturization level/degree is crucial.

Turkey Plastic Surgeon

Minoxidil - how long to lose hair after stopping drug?

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It takes 6-9 months to lose hair that was gained after using minoxidil. Two months is not sufficient.

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
Vancouver Dermatologist

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