Jessner and TCA Peel for Asian Skin?

Has anyone with Asian skin tried Jessner's and 20% TCA peel on the same setting? What would I expect from then on and how long is the downtime? I am preparing to do this next Thursday evening and I am already feeling nervous about the aftermath. Do the benefits for acne scar outweigh the risks, if any, of hyper- and hypo-pigmentation? Also, I don't know how long my skin would look red or pink!? I would appreciate any advice. Many thanks in advance. Tt

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Jessner and TCA peel for Asian skin

Jessner, followed by TCA of various concentrations can be a very nice approach for acne scarring (superficial, atrophic scars). The Jessner solution increases the penetration of TCA and can promote a more even peel. Most Asian skin can tolerate this peeling regimen with minimal risk of post-treatment pigment problems. If pigmentation issues do occur, it is usually hypERpigmentation and is temporary. If you have individual ice-pick or depressed scars, you ought to consider other approaches including saline subcision and spot treatment of your scars with a strong peeling agent (80-100% TCA or phenol).

Good luck.

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