How often do you have to get the lymphatic massages after undergoing a BBL?

Staying in a recovery home is not an option for me considering where I am having my BBL done. The surgeon's office is only 30 minutes away from my home. So I will be coming straight home after surgery and wanted to know how soon and how often would I need to get the lymphatic massages because I will be paying for them out of pocket myself.

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How often do you have to get the lymphatic massages after undergoing a BBL?

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It is always best to ask your PS what they recommend. I have my patients start the 2nd week after surgery with massage to only the areas liposuction not the areas with fat transfer. They get 1-2 per week for 4 weeks. Make sure that you find a certified lymphatic masseuse. 


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I do no t routinely suggest getting lymphatic massage after a BBL. Some surgeon do, and you should follow you surgeon's instructions.

Massage after surgery

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Greast question!
Lymphatic massage promotes excess fluid into the lymphatic ducts which are a low pressure drainage system. Repetitive light pressure massage along the anatomical lymph channels and toward a liposuction port or drain will reduce edema and swelling significantly.  Discuss with your PS for the initation of massage sessions.  
WIth my patients, I recommend starting  lymphatic massage a soon as the patient can tolerate the treatment.  It can be somewhat painful within the first 3 days of surgery, but has the greatest  benefit.   After 4 days the session are very tolerable.  I only recommend lipo areas for massage and not the fat grafts. If you can have a session at least daily for the first 2 weeks your will see dramatic changes in your waistline.
The goal is to remove excess fluid and edema as soon as possible,  your body with place collogen scar tissue into the fluid pockets that do not drain with massage or pressure from the post operative garment.  After scar tissue sets in at about 4-6 weeks,  there is no more massage benefit or revision liposuction benefit.  Additional pressure under your elastic garment is recommended with lipo foam and a vest waist trainer over your elastic garment.  So stay on top of the liposuction area post op garment area pressure and increase as needed daily.
I wish you well with massage and post op recovery,
Dr McAdoo

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