It's Been 6 Months Since Lipo, I Am Still Feeling Tight and Itchy on One Side, Normal?

I have been to several doctors for my lopsided lipo issue and they have confirmed that my original doctor took too much fat out of one side and left too much on the other side or my waist. The over done side still feels tight and itchy after 6 months. Will this resolved eventually or is there something that can be done about this?

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Tight And Itchy After Liposuction

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Dear Gothamgirl,   It is not unusual to experience numbness, tingling or tightness for several months after liposuction. Most of the time this resolves over a period of 3-6 months and sometimes longer. We use external ultrasonic massage starting at 2-3 weeks post-operatively. This helps stimulate lymphatic flow amongst other things and can help with the tightness you are experiencing. It appears that your problem may be related to over resection of fatty tissue on one side. Further surgery may be needed to correct your asymmetry and help with your symptoms. Discuss this with your first surgeon and express your concerns. Good luck.



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Overdone lipo

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The side that is still itchy should get better with time.Your surgeon may want to remove soem extra fat on the side that is underdone.This could probably be doen in the office if it is a small area.

Robert Brueck, MD
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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Sensory changes after liposuction

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During the course of a liposuction procedure, nerves in the subcutaneous tissue are unavoidably bumped, bruised, and occasionally torn.  Initially there are numb areas.  Then, as the nerves recover, patients experience tingling, itching, burning, and may other unusual sensations.  As nerves return to normal, these sensations gradually disappear.  This can take up to a year.  Massage is sometimes helpful for desensitization as this process occurs.

Regarding the tightness, there may be some scar tissue formation in the subcutaneous space which could take several more months to resolce. 

Finally, if the asymmetry is unacceptable consider a minor revision.

Post-liposuction complications

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Typically, at six months postop, itching and other sensory issues should be resolving. As for tightness, removal of too much fat would not produce tightness. If you have an asymmetry, then I would recommend that you consider a revision.

Skin sensation returns to normal after liposuction.

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Permanent abnormal feelings after liposuction are almost unheard of.  So I expect the tightness and itchiness will gradually go away.  In extreme cases of too much fat removal, some fat injected under the skin can improve both the appearance and the sensation.

It just sounds to me like you need a revision to make you look symmetrical.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

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