Itchy After Taking Antibiotics After Breast Augmentation, is This Normal?

Hello! I just had my BA done on Feb 21 (Thursday) at 8 am. I have 550CC silicone gel smooth round mentor, placed under the muscle. My recovery has been pretty easy and I haven't had any complications really, but ever since I started taking the antibiotics they made my tummy and boobs and some random other parts of my body every now and then very itchy! Is this normal? Do I need to get a different type of antibiotic? I've never had a reaction to medicine before. Thanks in advance for your help!

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Itching after surgery

Itching may be an indication that you are having an allergic reaction to something. Your surgeon is in the best position to evaluate what is happening so give him or her a call to see whether they want to see you in person or not. Good luck to you.

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Itchy After Taking Antibiotics After Breast Augmentation

This question should be addressed to your surgeon. Itching is a suggestion of allergy to something--antibiotic, pain meds, surgical prep. 

Your surgeon can ask a few added questions over the phone and decide if you need to be seen, or just need a change in medication. Call today. All the best. 

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Itchy After Antibiotics #breastimplants

It is very common for narcotics and antibiotics to cause side effects such as itching. Commonly when antibiotics do this is is accompanied by a rash. So as long as you are not having any breathing issues I would use benadryl for the side effects and consult your doctor immediately to ensure you are not having an allergic reaction which would prompt stopping the medication that your doctor feels is causing the problem.

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Itching after taking antibiotics

It is not uncommon for the antibiotics or the pain medication prescribed at the time of surgery to cause itching. This may be the sign of an allergic reaction.  I would recommend that you call your surgeon to see if your antibiotics should be changed or or can be discontinued altogether. 

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Itching with antibiotics

Sometimes antibiotics can cause itching as a sign of an allergic reaction. you may want to check with your surgeon.

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Itching is often caused by antibiotics

Antibiotics and other medications can have the side effect of itching and rash.  These are noted on many different parts of the body, as you describe.

Check with your surgeon to see if diffiersnt medications are indicated.  Sometimes, antibiotics are stopped altogether, depending on your surgeons practices.  This should not be a major problem, but check in.

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Itching can come from many things

Itching can often come from antibiotics but also from pain medication and other allergic reactions.  I would call your surgeon and discuss options.  Even on the weekend an answering service should be able to connect you to your surgeon.

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Antibiotics post breast augmentation

Generalized itching when taking antibiotics may indicate an allergic reaction to the antibiotics. Stop taking them and contact your surgeon. Itching during healing in the operated area is a normal part of the healing process.


Good luck

Allergic Reaction to Medications After Breast Augmentation

It sounds like you're having an allergic reaction to your medications. This is common and can be easily remedied. It's important to keep taking your medications. The first thing you should do is to call your surgeon and tell them about your reaction. They will be able to prescribe an alternative that you won't react negatively to. Good luck!

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Itching after Breast Augmentation

   Itching on multiple areas of the body may indicate an allergic reaction.   This could be from any of the medications you are taking postoperatively. I would stop those antibiotics, call the plastic surgeon's office, and start a different class of antibiotics.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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