Is Fraxel Re:Pair Safe for Asian Skin?

Hi, I am Chinese and am concerned about having Fraxel re:pair treatment for my acne scars due to pigmentation issues. Has anyone seen good results on Asian skin without Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH)?

Are the results permanent? I've heard good things about a machine from Korea called Collagen fractionated co2, anyone know about this one? Any information would be appreciated, thanks.

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Hi Pinkberry,

Now I have a craving for yogurt! As to your question, I fully agree with Dr. Weiner (who has a great deal of experience with Fraxel re:pair), and Dr. Shah. As with any procedure, you want to make sure that the benefits outweigh the risks. The more that your acne scarring troubles you, then the more you stand to gain, but with the knowledge that post inflammatory hyperpigmentation is a risk. If the scars don't bother you that much, then it is not worth the risk. Now I'm off for some yogurt! Good luck, and be well.

Dr. P

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Fraxel Treatment On Asian Skin

Asians are at a higher risk for hyperpigmentation than others due to the sensitivity of their skin. For that reason, an ablative laser treatment such as Fraxel Repair may not be a good option for you. You should have a non ablative Fraxel treatement called Fraxel Restore, which has been shown to improve acne scars over a series of several treatments.

Sanusi Umar, MD
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Fraxel Repair on Asian Skin


We have successfully treated many asian patients with both Fraxel Restore and Repair.  The key is proper patient preparation beforehand and after with an appropriate bleaching cream to avoid hyperpigmentation.  The risk of PIH is higher is you are doing a more aggressive treatment for acne scars, but all PIH will resolve within several months.  If you follow after care instructions carefully, you should not have much a problem with PIH.  With Asian and Olive tone  patients, there is a density parameter designed for patient safety recommended by Solta, the manufacturers of Fraxel Repair.

Grace Liu, MD
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I have done Asian Skin with the Repair

Asains are more at risk for hyperpigmentation with any type of laser. The settings need to be decreased slightly and hydoquinones need to be used before and after the procedure for several weeks. Acne scars are always tough, so at least 2 treatments should be planned because the doctor will be using lower settings than on lighter skin. Hyperpigmentation is usually reversible with hydroquinones if it does occur after a laser procedure. I don't know about the Korean machine.

Steve Weiner, MD

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Steven F. Weiner, MD
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