Is Brava Breast Enhancement System a Scam?

I am wondering about this alternative to breast implants called brava. Their web site says that it works by creating tension on the breast to get more breast tissue to grow. They promise larger and fuller breasts without pills or surgery.  Also they state it is clinically tested.

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Brava can produce positive though limited results

Yes, the Brava system actually does work and for the effort your cup size can be enhance by one half cup, In a slightly fuller breast "before" it may work even better as there is more tissue to recruit and draw upon in the suction process.

The techniques are not new. Suction breast enhancement devices were available by mail order in the 1890's. Devices often are promoted with salves or breast creame which probably only serve to enhance the seal for suction.

For an Asian market they may be an appropriate choice for one with dicipline expecting only a very small increase in cup size, or for anyone else with such goals and expectations.

If the product fits your needs you may wish to try it.

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It works, but takes a lot of effort


The Brava system works if you are a good candidate. However, it takes considerable patient effort and time. You have to wear the device for several weeks to months (all day long - including to work or whatever you do during the day). Also, the best results I have seen presented at meetings are when the Brava is combined with fat grafting once the breast is distended with the system. So when you are considering breast surgery, contrast this to a one to two hour surgery to place implants followed by a few days of discomfort. It all depends on how motivated you are and how much time you have to dedicate. I hope this is helpful.

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Brava is a system originally designed for stand alone breast augmentation.  As you can see from the comments that it does not work well in this fashion. If combined with fat grafting to the breast - excellent results can be achieved.


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It works to a limited degree

Brava works in a limited way if you want enhancement of about one size. However, the enhancement is not permanent and will need to repeat and wear the bra again to boost the size. It is often used in conjunction with fat injection into the breast subcutaneous areas. It allows for space to form for the fat to be placed there. It is safe, and does work, and is an alternative to breast augmentation but is not permanent. It is a bit cumbersome to wear but if you can try it and it may be right for you. Certainly cheaper than a breast augmentation.

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Not a scam, but not a recipe for success either

There are very few patients who will be satisfied with the results of the Brava system, given the amount of effort. I've had quite a few patients that have tried it, but then saw me for breast augmentation - surgically. While in theory, modest results can be obtained with vacuum expansion, don't expect much.

Hope this is helpful.

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I haven't seen any clinical successes

The Brava system has been around for several years and the initial enthusiasm about it greatly subsided when the clinical results were so minimal. There was a plastic surgeon in Seattle using the system and I have placed implants in a few of his former Brava patients who were unimpressed that they got anything from the Brava system.

BRAVA is not a scam, but its results are limited.

BRAVA has been advertised as a nonsurgical method to enhance breasts, however, it has been described by users as labor intensive and cumbersome with minimal clinical outcomes. The BRAVA device applies suction to the breasts to promote tissue expansion, and must be worn for 12 hours a day over several months before change is evident. Women who have tried BRAVA report an increase of a half a cup to a cup size over time, but breasts will return to their original size without repeated use of the device. BRAVA’s best use to date has been to help women to prepare for breast augmentation via fat transfer.


BRAVA is  negative pressure system that increases blood flow to the breast with some hypertrophy if used for a prolonged time.  It can give a limited increase in size by itself and is most often used in conjuntion with fat grafting to improve graft take.  It is cumbersome and bulky, patients have to wear it for up to 8 hrs a day for 2 weeks before the procedure and often multiple fat grafting sessions are needed.  I find I have adequate graft take 50-80% without needing the Brava system.

BRAVA vs Breast Implants for BA

If you are interested in a small augmentation - about a half of a cup size and willing to undergo the regimen for using BRAVA then this warrants consideration but results varies. On the other hand use of breast implants are predictable with the ability to enlarge your breast to your desire in most cases

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Brava Breast Enhancement Results in Minimal Increase in Breast Size

It’s not unusual for women to look for non surgical methods for breast enhancement.  These fall into several categories including drugs, creams, and exercise.  None of these methods have been shown to be effective for increasing breast size,
The brava system is another non surgical method for breast enhancement.  This technique utilizes a suction apparatus which is applied to the breast over the course of time.  Low continuous suction over prolonged periods of time has been shown to result in mild increases in breast size.  The vast majority of patients report an increase in breast size of no more than a half cup size.
Maintenance is required to preserve this increase in breast size.  The technique is labor intensive and in most cases results in minimal increases in breast size.  Based on these observations, I feel that for the majority of patients breast augmentation with implants is still the best alternative.  If your considering breast enhancement, consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon is still the best option.

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